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Henry Pratt Co. Unveils Series 300 Plunger Valve for Water Systems

henry pratt co. series 300 plunger valveThe Series 300 Plunger Valve from Henry Pratt Co., a subsidiary of Mueller Water Products, is designed to reduce cavitation and stagnant water creation to help water systems improve operational safety, efficiency and flow control.

The plunger valve features a field-replaceable control insert that enables water systems to effectively reduce flow pressure while reducing cavitation levels. It contains a valve actuator mechanism that provides non-linear closure with precise surge resistance and effective control ranges as high as 96%. The plunger's o-ring seal, which is located outside of the cavitation zone, and four hard-faced cylinder support guides work together to help minimize wear and provide the valve with a longer operational lifespan. The valve's input shaft features a dual inboard seal that helps protect the shaft and the shaft bore from corrosion while helping to avoid stagnant water creation. These features optimize the durability of the Series 300 Plunger Valve while helping ensure a consistent level of cleanliness and sterility, a capability that is especially important for drinking water applications.

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