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Where Valves Are Used

Tank Cars

14 spr tank cars 1The next time you‘re stopped at a crossing waiting for a mile-long train you think will never pass, take a good look at how many of those cars are tank cars. Doesn’t it seem like many more tank cars are riding the rails these days?

The Boom of Hydrogen Service

13 sum hydrogen fuelingstationIf someone used the word “hydrogen” while playing a word association game, the first word that would probably come to mind would be “bomb.”

Keeping Our Water Flowing

13 spr water introOne place where valves are used that touches every one of us every day of our lives is the clean water industry. When we turn on the tap for a drink or open the hydrant to water our roses, we are interacting with the last valve in the clean water pipeline. The valves used in this piping-intensive, complicated industry perform yeoman’s duty behind the scenes and often behind security fences—24 hours a day.

Behind the Walls: Valves in Building Systems

13wnt building systems 1Today’s building systems move many types of fluids and gases through their lines to keep operations such as HVAC, fire protection, water and waste­water functioning. Valves play a key role in keeping those systems flowing.


Technical Challenges in Valves in Oil Sand Extraction

sagd-centre-330x330Recent developments in heavy oil extraction technology for the Canadian oil and gas industry have created a need for new flow control solutions in steam assisted gravity drainage (SAGD). SAGD uses a pair of horizontal wells drilled from a central well pad to recover heavy oil.

Geothermal Energy: A Renewable With Huge Potential

vmfall12 geothermalThe method of pulling power from the ground’s heat is receiving renewed attention because of new technologies as well as efforts by DOE and other parties to promote this clean, abundant source of energy.

Those Dam Valves and the Great Job They Do

vmsum12_dam_1As the nation increasingly seeks sources for renewable energy, dams and the thousands of valves they contain will only become more important.

When we see a majestic dam, with its huge face of concrete holding back acres of water, probably the last thing we think of are the valves it takes to make them operate effectively. But large dams, especially those providing hydroelectric power, are full of valves of all sizes and types. There are gates, globes, checks, balls and butterflies, along with some very special valve designs used only in the water reclamation industry.


The Biopharm Industry


This segment of the chemical processing industry must deal with levels of cleanability and sterility that will ensure the safety of those who use or make the products.

Pipeline Valves—Always Ready


This nation is crisscrossed by hundreds of thousands of miles of crucial pipelines that transport vital feedstock from sources to the places where it’s transformed into fuel and products. For the valve industry, that translates into millions of dollars of business.

The Pulp and Paper Industry


The pulp & paper industry has seen tough times, but the business will still be around for many decades; the product is too much in demand. Those involved in valves for this industry need to understand how the processes work.

The Rough-And-Tumble Oil And Gas Industry


Rugged, reliable and safe are essential characteristics to all equipment operating in this industry, and valves are certainly no exception.

Historically, the oil and gas industry has presented equipment suppliers and production personnel with difficult and demanding operating conditions. For valves, that has translated into an ever-increasing need for tougher, longer-lasting, better performing valves.

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