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Help Wanted!

Help Wanted!

Most business experts agree that a company is only...

Green Technology: Waste Not, Want Not

Green Technology: Waste Not, Want Not

While much of the hope for America’s energy future...

Smaller Electric Actuators Fulfill Expanded Needs

Smaller Electric Actuators Fulfill Expanded Needs

The conventional perception of a motorized valve i...

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FCX Performance, Inc. Acquires Pump Energy, Inc.

2 DAYS AGO  |  Chris Guy

FCX Performance, Inc. announced that it has completed the purchase of Pump Energy, Inc. (PEI). PEI is a leading distributor of pumps, seals and relate...

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Enertech Business Unit Of Curtiss Wright Flow Control Company Develops New Valve Controls For Extended Station Black Out Conditions

enertech  msasdvEnertech, a business unit of Curtiss Wright Flow Control Company and leader in the supply of electrohydraulic, gas spring actuators used for safe plant shut-down applications, has developed an extended mission model to support nuclear plant cool down during station blackout conditions.

Enertech’s advanced technology permits bi-directional, mid-position cycling of throttling valves and dampers from stored energy for a 72 hour period or longer without dependency on off-site power, emergency diesel generator power or air supply. The space required to facilitate Enertech’s stored energy module is a fraction of that required by traditional air supply tanks and control panels used in early generation nuclear plants. Enertech’s extended mission actuator is qualified for harsh environment to IEEE 382, 344 and 323 for survival in high energy line break as well as severe seismic and other design basis conditions including its position feedback instrumentation for modulating control service. Enertech has received orders for this safe plant shut down technology and offers it to Utility and Station Owners for plant upgrade and to valve and damper OEMs.

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