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Technical Sales: Focus on Solutions

Technical Sales-Focus on SolutionsThe sale of almost any valve has a technical aspect. Even the most basic commodity valve transaction, where a small on/off industrial valve for low-pressure water service is purchased off-the-shelf requires a working knowledge. For example, a low-pressure, manual industrial valve would require the seller to know about fluid flow, piping, metallurgy and other materials of construction.

Also, the technical complexity scale escalates quickly when talking about more complex valves. A seller needs a high level of know-how for understanding larger diameter high-temperature, high-pressure automated valves manufactured from high alloys for critical service applications in refineries and petrochemical plants; control valves in power plants; remote emergency shutdown valves on an interstate pipeline; or reliable hardened containment vent systems in Mark I and II boiling-water reactor nuclear plants (as mandated by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission after the Fukushima disaster in 2011), among many others.


The Speed of Trust

Speed of Trust“Trust always affects two outcomes; speed and cost. When trust goes down, speed goes down and cost goes up.” –Dr. Stephen Covey

The late Dr. Stephen Covey was considered one of the world’s foremost leadership authorities and authored a book entitled “The Speed of Trust.” At VMA’s 2014 Annual Meeting, Greg Link, senior vice president of the Covey Leadership Center, inspired the audience of valve industry executives to acknowledge the value of trust in the world of business and beyond.


VMA Manufacturers Workshop: Touring Mazak, Learning Lean

vma workshop 1Nearly 60 attendees at VMA’s Manufacturers Workshop in Cincinnati, April 30-May 2, had in-depth learning experiences that revolved around the LEAN system, machine manufacturer Mazak and the MT Connect program.



Knowledge: An Asset Worth Managing

Knowledge MgmtWhile most firms are mindful of the importance of managing assets, projects and people, knowledge management is less frequently considered of primary importance when discussing and setting corporate policy. However, during a recent webinar offered by PwC, the importance of having a comprehensive knowledge management strategy was brought to the forefront.


Issues Affecting Today’s Corporate Finance Leaders

Being a corporate “finance leader” today means wearing multiple hats, if the spectrum of people who attended the 2014 VMA Finance Leaders Seminar April 10-11 in Arlington, VA is any indication. The topics they discussed among themselves during coffee breaks and the session topics covered ranged from today’s main human resources concerns to legal and regulatory issues to general economic trends with one thing in common: In today’s world, it all affects the bottom line.


New Products


Valve Magazine Digital Edition

14 FALL CVR 160x214Inside the Fall 2014 issue…

• Market Outlook 2015
• Enhanced Oil Recovery
• Combined Cycle Power Plants
• Critical Role of Flanges


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