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Cybersecurity: Protecting Critical Infrastructure

It’s hard to imagine an issue more front-and-center on most people’s minds today than cybersecurity—in particular, what will happen if the world’s infrastructure systems are attacked. Dr. Curtis Levinson of the Center for Strategic Cyberspace + Security Science, opened his remarks at a recent symposium by pointing out, “the water supply, dams, tunnels, the power grid and highways are all vulnerable to cyberattacks. This is not a national issue, it is international. The grids are interconnected. Imagine trying to survive and recoup from a concerted cyberattack on infrastructure.”

Changing the Way Americans Think About Manufacturing Careers

The Valve Manufacturers Association is focusing a major effort on developing a solution to a problem that plagues this industry as well as most of the industrial world: how to find and attract talented new workers. While VMA can help in forming a solution, the association can’t do it alone—industrial companies themselves need to rethink recruiting methods and ways to improve the image of manufacturing and heavy industry.

Hazards in Chlorine Piping and the History of a Solution

North America relies on chlorine for many industrial processes and for making the ingredients that go into many of the nation’s chemicals. But using it carries a certain amount of risk. Among the solutions for handling those risks is the bellows seal metal-seated globe valve. This article outlines the hazards and how this solution was born.

2016 Market Forecast: Dodging Market Strikes

Discussion of crude oil and natural gas have dominated much of the last few VMA Market Outlook Workshops and this year’s event, which was Aug. 6-7 in Chicago, was no different: Declining oil prices made it into most discussions at the workshop, and shale gas came up many times. However, a few other issues also seemed to bounce off the walls and return repeatedly to the list of ­concerns among the assemblage. Among them: China’s current ­economic doldrums and the high U.S. dollar.

Coatings can Make a Difference in Wastewater

15 sum wastewater introIn Episode 23 of the Discovery Channel’s “Dirty Jobs,” Mike Rowe had the task of pulling a submersible wastewater pump from a lift station for inspection and cleaning. His exposure to fumes, sewage and sludge while accomplishing this task undeniably demonstrated the need to reduce maintenance and repair in the wastewater industry wherever possible. The images conveyed showed how messy wastewater equipment can get and why costly downtime occurs in this industry.

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