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Suspicious and Counterfeit Valves: An Avoidable ­Danger

Counterfeit industrial products have been around a long time: The term “the real McCoy,” for example, comes from the self-regulating steam engine lubricator patented in 1872 by Elijah McCoy. The reason it was called “real” was that the device worked so well, customers demanded it by name over imitators.

Playing the Valve Standards Game

Although efforts have been made to coordinate U.S. standards with those of foreign standards-making bodies, surprisingly few standards have crossed borders intact. Still, it pays to know what choices there are, especially in light of the fact that the U.S. no longer overwhelmingly dominates the standards creation scene.

Ten Tips for Tightening Expenses During Tough Times

What can you do to help your company get through these most-challenging times? We spoke to North American valve and actuator manufacturers, who provided tips on how valve users can operate their flow control systems to achieve maximum efficiency-and profits.

How to Avoid PRV Performance Problems

A memorable story needs an attention-getting beginning, a compelling middle and a strong ending. Shortchange any of the three, and the audience is bound to be disappointed. Similarly, a pressure relief system needs good design, proper installation and a systematic program of ongoing maintenance. Fail to give any of the three its due, and you put products, facilities and people at risk.

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