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Valves with All the Trimmings

The term valve trim has been around for about 150 years—shortened at one point from the word: “trimmings,” a term in vogue until the late 1930s.

Check Valves in LNG Cryogenic Service

Because natural gas is currently considered a good source of energy for both environmental and economic reasons, it’s growing in use. This trend promises to continue worldwide for many years to come.

Unique Operating Dynamics of Trunnion-Mounted Ball Valves

For a very long time, the idea has existed that a trunnion-mounted ball valve can be opened under full differential pressure if the piping system can withstand the rapid increase in pressure and the forces induced by it. As valve sizes and operating pressures increase, however, several factors need to be considered if that valve is opening with little or no pressure downstream.

Market Outlook 2018: A Sunnier Mood with a Few Caveats

The atmosphere at VMA’s 2018 Market Outlook Workshop was much more positive than what’s occurred the last two years, with many members reporting bidding and orders up. The presenters themselves expressed cautious optimism and pointed to many signs that say the economy in 2018 will continue its slow, steady upward trajectory, contributing to a long-term outlook that’s bright.

The Road to Valve Knowledge

Valve expertise is a journey, not a destination. The journey is spiced with new talents acquired and knowledge learned throughout the trip. But to put these informational destination stickers on a suitcase of valve knowledge and be labeled an “expert,” a person must begin with the desire to take the trip in the first place, then build on that desire.

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