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Reducing Compression Packing Friction in Valves

Compression packing is found in applications ranging from transmission of natural gas and water to caustics and high-temperature steam. When used properly, it is a cost-effective, high-performance means of sealing. Unfortunately, compression packing creates friction, which can cause major issues in certain applications. Knowing how to reduce that friction can be critical in minimizing those issues.

Actuator Commissioning Made Simpler

13 fall commission1There is something about opening a box labeled “some assembly required” that causes one of two reactions—the joy of the challenge or dread. In actuator commissioning, the dread comes from not being an actuator expert, in which case installing and commissioning that actuator may appear at first glance to be difficult.


Relief System Management Software: Helping Companies Achieve PSM Compliance

13 fall PSM bhopalOn Nov. 15, 1990, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) made into law the standard for process safety management (PSM) of highly hazardous chemicals (29 CFR 1910.119), as well as section 304 of the Clean Air Act (CAA) amendments. The PSM standard and CAA changes were enacted in direct response to the Union Carbide India Ltd., Bhopal, India disaster that occurred on Dec. 2, 1984 and resulted in the deaths of 3,787 individuals. For the many valve and actuator users that operate processes involving ­hazardous materials, the changes mean analysis of PSM and creation of programs that should ensure a similar tragedy does not occur. Because pressure relief can be a last line of defense, PSM must address pressure relief systems.

2014 MARKET OUTLOOK: Use 2014 to Get Ready for Good Times Ahead

13 fall outlook introAttendees at this year’s workshop Aug. 8-9 in San Diego received mostly positive reports from speakers who agreed that, while the nation is in recovery, the road ­forward is filled with more than a few bumps. While abundance and availability of natural gas is def­initely a major influence, speakers said North America’s economic future will also be affected by the upswing in tight oil production. Those two factors could lead to energy self-sufficiency on the continent by the end of this decade and fuel a resurgence in the domestic petrochemical and manufacturing industries thanks to low feedstock prices and relatively inexpensive electricity.


Valve Automation Solutions for Emergency Shutdown in Shale Applications

13 sum shale 1In many regions of the U.S., the proliferation of gas and liquids discovered and extracted from shale formations has created a need for rapid infrastructure development. Valves and their automation play key roles at every stage of processing and transporting the gas and fluids—from the well to the storage facilities and distribution systems. This means they are vital in providing safety to personnel, process control for operations and protection for valuable assets as well as prevention or mitigation in the case of environmental events.

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