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Reshoring Movement Builds Momentum

13 wnt offshoring introThis article is a follow-up to the VMA & VRC 2012 Annual Meeting presentation by Harry Moser, founder and president of the Reshoring Initiative. The non-profit Reshoring Initiative is dedicated to helping companies understand the true cost of offshoring by using Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) analysis. The initiative provides free TCO estimator software, as well as a database of more than 300 reshoring articles and case studies where companies can share their experiences with reshoring.


Improving Process Efficiency with Wireless Valve Automation

vmfall12_wireless_1The economics and simplicity of wireless field instruments has allowed many industrial plants to expand the benefits of automation well beyond traditional “wired” control.

Wireless technology has created monitoring applications for safety, reliability, maintenance, environmental compliance and increased personnel efficiency that are possible without incurring the traditional cost and time barriers imposed by wires. Globally, plants are replacing manual clipboard rounds, automating periodic inspections and monitoring more assets than ever before because of these new applications. But what is the status of wireless control of valves in particular?

Learning the Context of Local Customs

vmfall12 customs1By ANETA STEPHENS

Understanding the “whys” of a culture enriches the experience of traveling to different countries and can greatly improve the chances travelers have to be successful in business transactions.


A New Driver at the Wheel?

NatualGasIllustrationOutlook 2013 speakers say natural gas may fuel economic growth

The record-breaking number of attendees at this year’s Market Outlook Workshop, Aug. 9-10 in Chicago, were buoyed by relatively positive messages from all the speakers, who agreed the nation is in recovery.

A Primer On Worm Gear Operators

vmsum12_worm_gears_1Manual gear operators continue to provide a viable, age-old solution with a few 21st century twists. Understanding how these products work, as well as the tradeoffs and costs associated with manual operators, can help end users select the right technology for the application.

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