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Materials Selection for Deepwater Gate Valves


With the discovery of oil and gas in water depths thousands of feet below the surface, selection of valves is more important, difficult and complicated. Gate valves, which are often used in subsea applications, are available today in a wide selection of materials, but choosing them requires knowledge of new challenges and established standards.

Making Progress On Improving Our Aging Water Infrastructure


The nation’s utilities are employing rate increases, technology and other tools to maintain and, in some cases, upgrade or replace, our water infrastructure.

The frequency of water leaks and main breaks occurring across the U.S. is increasing at a steep rate as years of unchecked deterioration take their toll on a water infrastructure that, in places, dates back to the second half of the 19th century. Utilities and state and federal agencies are well aware of this growing dilemma. However, the unusually high number of devastating main breaks is significantly increasing public awareness of the dire condition of the country’s water system.

Market Outlook 2011: Clear Skies? Wait Until 2012

2011 market outlookMany of the attendees of this year’s Market Outlook, held Aug. 12-13 in San Francisco, came hoping (at last) to hear some good news. The last two years of workshops—put on annually for members by the Valve Manufacturers Association and featuring a dozen economists and industry experts—saw the nation in its worst recession since the depression and most forecasts were pretty bleak.

In the Ocean’s Depths, Valves Face Unique Challenges

As exploration for new oil and gas sources goes deeper into the ocean and further from shore, valves in service to that industry will have new pressure, temperature and durability requirements.

Despite short-term reduction in exploration activity caused by the recent global recession, world energy demand continues to grow, which will fuel an explosion in offshore exploration over the next decade.

Renewable Energy Sources Rising: Beyond Fossil Fuels

Alternate and renewable energy sources, including wind, solar, biofuel, geothermal and others, have frequently made the headlines in recent years, driven partly by worries over imported oil and the need for national energy independence, but also by discussion of possible regulation concerning greenhouse gas emissions. Laws in many areas of this country now require a certain percentage of energy be from renewable sources, so utilities are working hard to develop or purchase alternate forms of energy.

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