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The Future of After-sales Service

After-sales service has many definitions starting with the broad view that it’s all the help and information a company provides to its customers after they have bought a product. A narrower definition would be offering periodic maintenance or repair of equipment during and after a warranty period. This article focuses on that narrower definition to provide an outlook for the future of maintenance and repair in the valve industry.

Keeping MSIVs in Top Condition

Because of the critical function of main steam isolation valves (MSIVs) in nuclear applications, keeping these valves running at optimum performance levels is vital. This article covers what a good service team will do to ensure that happens.

Rigging and Lifting of Large Valves

This article outlines the challenges of lifting large valve assemblies weighing several tons and illustrates the industrial rigging equipment and lifting operations typically used for these valves. The purpose of this article is not to provide comprehensive training on rigging, but instead to increase awareness of the special risks and care required to safely perform lifting operations for large valves.

Gaskets Are Not Created Equal

Gaskets are near the bottom of the food chain of valve components; trim, body materials and packing seem to get a lot more press. But gaskets serve an important purpose: They are the static seal between non-moving valve components—usually the body and bonnet. Without gaskets, those two (and sometimes three) body or body/bonnet parts would have great difficulty sealing after assembly. It’s important for maintenance and repair personnel to understand what gaskets are and how they work because so many of those gaskets will need to be replaced or repaired.

When Valves Get Wet

Hurricane Harvey stalled over Houston in August 2017 creating what has been called the most extreme rain event in U.S. history. The storm dropped more than 50 inches of water on the city. What’s more, it was the third 500-year flood Houston experienced in as many years, and while much of the city is well into the rebuilding process, it will no doubt take years for the damage to homes and businesses to be fully calculated and corrected.

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