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Valtorc: Explosion Proof Electric Actuators

Valtorc Series EL XP9000 Electric ActuatorThe new explosion proof, series EL-XP9000 electric actuator is a sophisticated solution for hazardous environments that require explosion proof valve control. The actuator's robust construction, reliable performance, and ability to fully integrate into sophisticated control systems makes it a solution the industry will appreciate.

The EL-XP9000 series explosion proof actuators are compact, powerful, CE and NEMA approved and available in types 4, 4X, and 7.

The explosion proof EL-XP9000 electric actuators suit various applications, including gas turbine inlet guide vanes (IGV), bleed valves and gas fuel flow, providing industry leading reliability and requiring minimal maintenance.

For more information visit www.valtorc.com

Rotork: CMA Range Expands

rotorks cma range expands for improved control valve automationRotork has extended its CMA range of compact modulating actuators with new sizes specifically designed for reliable automation of larger linear control valves. The new actuator is capable of a maximum 4,500 lbf (20 kN) seating thrust. The new sizes increase the CMA range modulating thrust performance to 3,000 lbf (13 kN) with a 114.3 mm (4.5”) stroke length for the automation of larger valves with higher pressure ratings. The combined performance of the CMA and the larger CVA ranges enables Rotork’s innovative electrical control valve actuation technologies to be applied to process control applications of virtually any size and description.

For more information, visit www.rotork.com

Harold Beck & Sons: Group 57 1/4-Turn Valve Actuator

Harold Beck Sons Group 57 14 Turn Valve ActuatorHarold Beck & Sons, Inc. is releasing the Group 57 1/4-turn rotary electric valve actuator in the summer of 2018. The Group 57 maintains all traditional Beck actuator features, such as maintenance-free operation, long-term reliability and unmatched control, but adds features often required in hazardous environments and remote locations, typical of oil and gas wellhead and pipeline valves.

Other features of the Group 57 include: no burn-out motor; positioning accuracy to 0.1 degree; the ability to run on 12-48 Vdc or 120 Vac power; Class I, Division 1, Groups B, C & D hazardous location ratings; built-in electric fail-safe capability; fast stroking speeds for applications requiring a faster open or close rate; simple and flexible mounting hardware for virtually any valve including ISO 5211 applications.

Beck will be previewing the Group 57 at the Global Petroleum Show in Calgary, Alberta from June 12-14, 2018 and it will be commercially available for purchase by summer 2018.

For more information, visit www.haroldbeck.com

AUMA: Explosion-Proof Variable Speed Actuators

AUMA explosion proof variable speed actuatorsAUMA has launched explosion-proof variable speed valve actuators for use in potentially hazardous environment. The new SAVEx actuators for open-close duty and SARVEx multi-turn actuators for modulating duty, combined with intelligent ACVEx actuator controls, provide full control of the motor speed at any time.

In oil and gas applications, variable speed offers significant advantages for challenging valve control tasks, since it allows the optimum operating speed to be selected for each change of valve position. High positioning accuracy and optimized setpoint control considerably increase the effectiveness of pressure control valves in gas pipelines, for example. On multiport valves, variable speed actuators aid rapid and accurate switch-over between ports.

Mechanical stresses on valve, actuator and pipeline are minimized by reducing the operating speed close to the end positions, allowing the moving element of the valve to make gentle contact with the seat. Pressure surges and cavitation effects in the pipeline can be avoided by using speed profiles.

For more information, visit www.auma.com

Bernard Controls: Multi-Turn Electric Actuators

Bernard Controls AT rangeBernard Controls is proud to present its fully new AT range of multi-turn electric actuators. This completely new range has been designed to address customers’ need for solutions combining performance, user-friendliness and competitiveness in the Power – Water – Industry.

With 6 models under the FIRST BC label, the AT range of multi-turn electric actuators has been created for moderate environmental and operational constraints, to offer to users the essentials: the key functions to operate their valve safely and efficiently in case of standard applications.

These products propose key features, such as powder coating with higher mechanical resistance, a modular position sensor which enables up to 1700 turns with the same product, or a wide stem acceptance. Moreover, AT models are also easily adaptable for rising stem valves.

For more information, visit www.bernardcontrols.com

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