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CIRCOR Energy: RTK Announces New Actuator Line

CIRCOR RTK REactRTK, a CIRCOR Energy brand, has launched the next generation of the REact electric actuator product family that is 60% more energy efficient than previous versions and other market available products.

The next-generation REact actuators offer a number of new technological advantages, such as an optimized positioner, applied Brushless DC motor technology, a compact, modular structure, variable actuator speeds, and versatile electric, plug in connectors. A patented adaptive spindle system reduces the structural height of the REact 60E and 100E. The new REpos positioner offers data logging functions, a micro USB interface, and a graphic display.

To find out more about the new REact actuator family, visit www.circorenergy.com/rtk.

Cowan Dynamics: Electro-Hydraulic Linear Valve Actuators

E2H linkedinBannerCowan Dynamics announces the launch of its E2H Series Electro-Hydraulic linear valve actuators. The E2H has been designed from the ground up to pack high performance into the smallest possible installation envelope. All hydraulic components and sensors are integrated into a single compact manifold block that also houses the actuator and integral oil reservoir. The control panel can be mounted directly to the manifold block or installed remotely. This self-contained actuator can be installed either vertically or horizontally and has no external piping. Available for on/off or modulating applications and for a wide range of communication protocols.

Compact: All in one design. No need for a separate hydraulic power unit piping and hoses.
Thrust: Up to 125,000 lbs
Simple: Easy to use touch screen for quick setup and operation.
Operating Temp: -50C to +40C
Data Logging: System records position and time data for valve performance analysis.
Partial Stroke Test: Initiate PST from touch screen or remotely.
Versatile: Fail-last, fail-close or fail-open. Can be mounted in horizontal position.

Cowan Dynamics, established in 1957, has its head office and manufacturing facilities in Montreal, Quebec, a sales office located in Mississauga, Ontario and is represented through a national and international value-added partner network.

For more information, click here

ITT Engineered Valves: ACS Actuator

ITT Advantage Compact Stainless ActuatorITT Corporation is pleased to announce that it’s Engineered Valves brand has launched the Pure-Flo® Advantage® Compact Stainless (ACS) actuator. Designed to withstand the most rigorous conditions that the biopharm and food & beverage industry can dish out, the ACS is the go-to actuator of choice for demanding applications.

The ACS actuator augments the Advantage actuator product line to satisfy customer’s pneumatic actuator needs. The ACS actuator combines a 316 stainless housing with a high cycle capable piston drive train to create an industry leading compact and robust actuator. The development of the ACS actuator is based on ITT Engineered Valves years of experience working with customers and understanding the requirements of the biopharm industry.

For more information, visit www.engvalves.com

Cowan Dynamics: Spring Return Pneumatic Valve Actuator

Design innovations turn custom-designed product into a standard ready-to-order offering

Cowan 1 AS SectionCowan Dynamics, a leading provider of actuation and process control solutions for industrial and manufacturing clients worldwide, launches its AS Series spring return pneumatic valve actuators. The newly expanded series offers advanced safety features and provides significantly lower costs and faster turnaround time.

Custom orders no longer needed
Cowan Dynamics has developed a standardized, catalogue-based spring return actuation solution. Customers can now simply refer to a dimension table and order their product according to the required dimensional size and thrust.

Innovative factory-sealed canister design eliminates key safety hazard
The spring is installed within a factory-sealed canister, allowing safe in-field service of piston packing, rod seals and bushings.

New product comes with a 50-year track record
The AS Series represents the next generation of Cowan Dynamics’ industry-leading A Series cylinders, thus providing the assurance of over 50 years of proven design and manufacturing experience.

For more details, click here

Cowan Dynamics: SIL 3 Certified Linear Hydraulic & Pneumatic Actuators

Cowan eNews Release image 1.27.16Cowan Dynamics announces the availability of linear hydraulic and pneumatic actuators with up to a SIL 3 safety rating. The SIL 3 capable rating is designed to provide our customers reliable actuation solutions in critical applications without compromising their Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS - compliant with IEC 61511/ISA 84).

The SIL 3 capable rating was achieved by certifying the products to IEC 61508 and was obtained from Exida Certification Services after passing rigorous Failure Mode Effects Diagnostic Analysis (FMEDA).

Cowan Dynamics’ SIL 3 capable products include:

A Series – Double-Acting Pneumatic Valve Actuator

AS Series – Spring-Return Pneumatic Valve Actuator

AT Series – Pneumatic Control Valve Actuator

A2A Series – Pneumatic Pressure Booster

ML Series – Hydraulic Valve Actuator

MS Series – Spring-Return Hydraulic Valve Actuator

Products certified to SIL3 capability are, on request, supplied with copies of the Exida certification, which contains all the information that engineers and designers need to calculate the safety integrity level of their complete system, based on its component parts.

For more information on Cowan’s product lineup visit: www.cowandynamics.com/sil-3

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