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Hunt Valve: Directional Control Valves

Hunt Valve directional control valveHunt Valve has released directional control valves that offer the hydraulic directional control and long-term dependability required for steel and aluminum production. From pump unloading to coil handling, these rugged valves are ideal for a variety of low-viscosity applications due to their zero-leakage design and ease of maintenance.

In addition to their zero-leakage and low-maintenance benefits, Hunt Valve’s directional control valves are designed with engineered sealing materials that deliver years of maintenance-free service. Plus, the company’s special ceramic spool pilot valve eliminates the fine filtration requirements that are associated with spool-type pilot valves manufactured from traditional stainless steels.

For more information, visit www.huntvalve.com

Rotork: Seven-Way Control Valve

Rotork seven way control valveRotork Japan has supplied IQ3 intelligent valve actuators for the automation of what is said to be the world’s first seven-way control valve. The innovative valve, manufactured in Japan by the Aska Corporation, operates under high pressure to control and regulate the flow of chemicals such as polymers, reducing the load on instrumentation in the downstream manufacturing processes.

The unique radial design of the valve eliminates any dead space (no flow) areas which could erode the quality of the media. The design demands a compact actuation solution that is capable of delivering swift and precise valve movements with high operating torques. The high viscosity, temperature and pressure of the media being controlled are further factors that contribute to the challenging demands of the application.

For more information, visit www.rotork.com

ASCO: Brass and Stainless Steel Spool Valves

ASCO 362 562ASCO has introduced its ASCO 362 and 562 Series of brass and stainless steel spool valves in ¾-inch and 1-inch sizes featuring the industry’s highest flow rates. These new sizes provide design engineers with attractive new solutions for control valve automation in the upstream, midstream, and downstream oil and gas markets.

The valves’ high flow rates will enable original equipment manufacturers to use smaller piping and purchase lower cost valves while achieving the same flow specifications. Both ¾-inch and 1-inch valves improve flow by 35% over their respective competitive valves.

The 362 and 562 Series valves are available in brass and 316L stainless steel construction for corrosion resistance in harsh environments.

For more information, visit www.asco.com

ITT Engineered Valves: Pure-Flo EnviZion Valve

ITT EnviZionITT Corporation is pleased to announce that the Pure-Flo® EnviZion® hygienic diaphragm valve, marketed by its Engineered Valves brand, has passed the ASME BPE 2014 Edition Appendix J testing, reaching the test’s maximum cycle rating at three times the required test pressure.

Established in 1997, the ASME BPE Standard provides the requirements applicable to the design of equipment used in the bioprocessing, pharmaceutical and personal-care products industries. In 2014 the Part SG Sealing Components subcommittee published Appendix J, a set of Standard Process Test Conditions (SPTC) for seal performance including diaphragm valve diaphragms. This test has validated the design integrity and reliability of the EnviZion valve’s live thermal cycle compensation system. With these test results, Biopharm manufacturers can assure diaphragm performance, allowing them to lower contamination risks, develop preventative maintenance programs, and reduce their total cost of ownership.

For more information, visit www.engvalves.com

Metso: Neles NDX Valve Controller

Metso Neles NDX Valve ControllerThe Neles NDX® is Metso's latest and highly anticipated addition to its comprehensive valve controller offering. The new valve controller has been designed with measurable customer benefits and user experience in mind. It offers accurate and reliable performance in a wide range of customer applications, regardless of industry or the brand of valves being used.

The Neles NDX offers control accuracy that will have a direct and positive effect on process variability and, subsequently, on profitability. Improved control accuracy can help ensure production quality and minimize the amount of production losses. It can also assist in the optimization of raw material, chemical and energy consumption.

For more information, visit www.metso.com

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