Assured Automation's FireChek® Thermal Activated Emergency Shutoff

hart-product-photo-fall12-1When FireChek® senses excessive heat from a nearby fire, it immediately vents the pneumatic actuator and closes the actuator air supply line.

FireChek® triggers quickly, securing pneumatically operated process line valves. Because FireChek® responds to heat, not flame, it offers dramatically improved protection compared with conventional plastic tubing burn-through. FireChek® Features:

  • Rapidly responds to temperature rise, NOT flames
  • Vents actuator air pressure
  • Closes actuator air supply line
  • Needs no power source, self-activates
  • Compatible with ALL pneumatic actuators
  • No contact with process fluids
  • Easy to test and reset
  • Reliable, intrinsic triggering
  • Easily retrofit, installs in minutes
  • Manual resets for routine testing
  • FireChek® is made in the USA
  • FM Approved

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