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RIM10 Rotor Insertion Flowmeter from Spirax Sarco

spirax sarco rim10 rotor insertion flowmeterSpirax Sarco announces the rebranding of the MassTracker Insertion Turbine Flowmeter to the RIM10 Rotor Insertion Flowmeter. This name change has been made due to the overwhelming demand for the MassTracker globally.


The RIM10 will provide the same great features and benefits as the MassTracker. This versatile instrument combines measurements of mass or volumetric flow, density, temperature and pressure in one instrument. Typical applications include flow monitoring of steam and natural gas for fiscal or load control, combustion air, flue gas for environmental compliance, heat content calculations for chilled water and measurement of a variety of other liquids in line sizes from 3 to 80 in. (75mm to 20000 mmm).


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