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Samson Controls Type 3347

samson type 3347Samson Controls Type 3347 control valve, which includes polished steel parts, special PTFE brushing and an additional connection that can be used to meet purity requirements that prevent bacteria from spreading at the actuator steam guide.

The Type 3249 valve features an EPDM diaphragm and a back-up safety packing box, which, according to the company, provides protection against the spread of bacteria and prevents product leakage.

Samson’s Type 3345 valve is suitable for process applications that involve pasty, fibrous or highly viscous products. It features a cavity-free body with a diaphragm manufactured from either rubber, nitrile, butyl or PTFE that acts as a seal and valve plug.

The valves are available with a range of connections, including hygienic couplings, flanges and clamp connections according to ISO 2852 and welding ends.


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