Victaulic Introduces Press System for Stainless-Steel Pipe

victaulic vic-press

Victaulic, a manufacturer of mechanical pipe joining systems, introduces Vic-Press, a flame-free press system that joins pipe in a matter of seconds. Vic-Press, the industry’s first ANSI Schedule 10S pipe sized press-to-connect system designed for off-the-shelf ASTM A-312 Schedule 10S stainless-steel pipe, is an industrial-grade solution for quickly and reliably joining small-diameter piping systems.

Vic-Press offers increased strength and durability and improved flow characteristics compared to light-wall tube systems; safer, more efficient pipe assembly than welding, threading and flanging; and meets or exceeds industry standards.

Vic-Press is used with standard Schedule 10S stainless-steel pipe, which offers increased strength and durability and eliminates the need to stock specialty pipe. The pipe-wall thickness of ANSI Schedule 10S pipe is up to double that of light-wall tube, and as a result, Vic-Press offers a superior life cycle, up to three times the end-load performance, up to twice the bend-load performance (view Schedule 10S vs. light-wall tube strength test video), up to a 52% increase in available flow, and up to a 23% reduction in pressure drop per 100 linear feet (30 meters) of pipe over tube-sized systems.

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