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Valtorc: Spring Return Fail Safe Automated Knife Gate Valves

Valtorc spring return knife gate valveValtorc's spring return cylinders are available in 316SS, carbon steel Epoxy ends and can work with knife gate valves up to 20". The spring return linear cylinders can be designed "Man Safe" captured springs. This means the unit can be easily dismantled and repaired on site without special equipment.

As standard the spring return cylinders are welded shut to prevent tampering and accidental removal of the end caps.

The captured spring design can be easily removed, is safe, heavier and more expensive. However, our welded end design is cheaper, lighter, more compact and able for non-field repair.

The spring options are available in spring to close or spring to open.

The back-up systems are bulky and rely on complicated accessories which can fail. The Valtorc spring return cylinders are more robust and more compact.

For more information, visit www.valtorc.com

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