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Crane: 2018 Edition of Technical Paper No. 410

Crane TP 410Crane Fluid Handling announces the availability of the 2018 edition of Crane’s Technical Paper No. 410 (TP-410).

Originally published by Crane Co. in 1942 as The Flow of Fluids handbook, the TP-410 has grown to become a classic guide for plant engineers, technicians, maintenance personnel, plant operators, safety engineers, recent college graduates and sales representatives in the selection of the correct equipment and parameters when designing and operating any piping system. The 2018 edition marks the introduction of a new chapter titled, “Sensible Heat Transfer”. Other entries include enhanced information on Pumps, Control Valves and Flow Meters, as well as an updated bibliography and technical references.

A suite of web-based tools that solve equations found within the paper can be accessed on-line at www.TP410.com, in real time.  

Interviews with State, Industry and Education Leaders on the Petrochemical Workforce Challenge

PETROCHEM WHITEPAPER 020215The penny is starting to drop for petrochemical and construction companies; in order to secure an adequate workforce, investment in people must go beyond simply paying wages. This is reflected in the huge investments being made into schools, colleges and training programs to support the increasing number of projects planned for the U.S. petrochemical industry.

Hear what execs at the Louisiana Workforce Commission, Fluor, S&B Engineers, CURT and the ABC are doing to address this issue in the complimentary 17-page Petrochemical Workforce Development whitepaper

Download your copy of this complimentary 17 page whitepaper by clicking here

Featuring interviews with:

  • Curt Eysink - Executive Director - Louisiana Workforce Commission
  • Jim Hanna - Group HR Executive, Construction, Craft and Fabrication Services - FLUOR
  • JD Slaughter - Vice President - S&B Engineers & Constructors
  • Elton Stuckly – Vice Chancellor – Texas State Technical College
  • Daniel Groves - Director of Operations and Workforce Consultant - The Construction Users Roundtable

MTS Sensors Temposonics

Temposonics® Magnetostrictive, Absolute, Non-contact Linear-Position Sensors from MTS Sensors

When dealing with pipeline transportation of natural gas and other potentially hazardous fluids, operators must rely on extremely reliable measurements and controls to open and close valves. Many of these valves are now controlled by linear hydraulic or pneumatic actuators which can close a critical valve in as fast as three seconds.

Click here to download the whitepaper.


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