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Optimizing valve performance and reliability with remote mount technologies and digitalization

As the interface between a valve and its control system, positioners play an important role in ensuring reliability and optimal performance in automated process plants.

In many facilities, it is not uncommon to find valves and positioners in spots that are not easily accessible by personnel, such as in confined spaces or at heights. This makes servicing and/or replacement of the positioner a difficult and often time-consuming task that necessitates the use of lifts, scaffolding, and extra protective measures to ensure technicians’ safety.

Additionally, many valves and positioners in process plants are exposed to harsh conditions, such as dust, moisture, high temperatures, and vibration. These environments can impart excessive wear on the positioner and cause damage to sensitive electro-mechanical components, leading to increased maintenance requirements and a higher likelihood of unplanned downtime.

In both of the above scenarios, the use of remote mount technology can provide numerous operational and safety advantages. When coupled with digital monitoring capabilities that provide transparency into valve health and performance, end-users can transform the way they operate their plant by employing predictive maintenance strategies aimed at reducing costs and maximizing process uptime.

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