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2010 Articles


A Bright Future for Wireless Technology

By Kurtis Jensen

Wireless technology provides an opportunity to save costs while expanding the amount of information available to help industry run its processes more productively and reliably. We review what's available and the latest developments.

Renewable Energy Sources Rising: Beyond Fossil Fuels

By Peter Cleaveland

As the nation looks for energy sources beyond the traditional oil and gas industries, valves and actuators stand by to play a role in alternative applications such as solar, wind and geothermal.

Exploring the Evolution of Non-Destructive Examination

By Ron Merrick

A look back at how NDE came to be and how it has progressed shows how such testing came to be increasingly important. The trend of more and more testing will continue into the future.

How to Increaase Revenue in Gas-Lift Applications

By Brent T. Steward and Bradford Haines

In the gas lift process, using an integrated flow control system can increase productivity and lower costs. Here's how that works.

Are You Ready for the Unexpected? Valve Triage and Repair

By Peter Cleaveland

Recovering from disasters such as fire and floods requires knowing when and how to repair and replace valves and actuators. A look at what happens in both small and major disasters provides insight on what can be done.


2011 Market Outlook: Wait 'Til 2012 for Sunny Conditions

By Genilee Parente

Speakers at this year's workshop finally had some positive short-term news for attendees. However, they warned that while recovery has begun, 2011 will not be much rosier than 2010. For good news on growth rates, most segments of industry will need to wait until 2012.

Challenges and Opportunities in the International Valve Market

By Peter Cleaveland

Companies that make or buy valves are increasingly doing business in other countries. That means learning new ways of operating and facing different regulatory issues and cultural practices.

Analyzing Cavitation in Refinery Processing

By Ludwig Haber, PhD and Martin Wosnik, PhD

Collapsing bubbles can cause havoc in the refinery business. But there are ways to analyze and predict how probable cavitation is for certain processes


Case Studies: Cavitation in Power Plants

By Mark Nord

One concern shared by all power plants is cavitation and the damage it causes because of high pressure differentials across the control valves. The author describes methods used to combat cavitation in three facilities.


Applications for Electric Control Valve Actuators

By Chris Warnett

In applications where air as a power medium is a problem, electric actuators may be the preferred choice.




When Valves are Used: On the Sea and Under the Ground

By Greg Johnson and Craig Bekins

VM takes a look at how and where valves and actuators are used in two unique industry segments--marine and mining.

Severe Service Valves Respond to New Pressures

By Peter Cleaveland

Valves are getting bigger, more complicated and tougher as a response to ever more demanding applications.

Valve Engineering Challenges for Flow Control of Reclaimed Water

By Rolf Stutzenberg

Water that is recycled from earlier uses is a tremendous resource in irrigation these days, and valves play a vital role in the process. However, the practice has brought both new opportunities and new challenges.

The True Meaning of Double Block and Bleed

By Peter Cleaveland

Many people refer to these valves when what they are really referencing are double positive isolation valves. But there's a difference, says Exxon Mobil Development's Rudy Garza, and it's an important one.




In the Ocean's Depths, Valves Face Unique Challenges

By Luigi Cannistraci

The deeper depths of today's oil and gas exploration require valves that can produce under new pressure, temperature and durability requirements. We look at what is occurring today and the new types of valve treatments, material and technologies that go into the valves of the oceans.

Vital Valves Keep Water Systems Flowing

By John Pensac

We take for granted that we have access to safe, clean drinking water here in the United States. But much goes into the process, and valves play a role both in getting the water clean and transmitting into and out of water treatment plants..

Selecting Valves for Safety in Chemical Plants & Refineries

By William C. Hayes

Safety has always been a top priority in chemical plants and refineries. In recent years, that focus has grown even more intense. We report on current guidelines and regulations as well as proposed new rules.

The Role of Rack and Pinion Actuators in On-Off and Modulating Control

By Jim Casey

The double-opposed piston rack and pinion actuator can be used both for on-off and control applications. The author discusses how these actuators evolved, how they work and their feature benefits.











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