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2009 Articles


2010 Market Outlook: Recovery to be Slow, but Steady
By Genilee Parente and Judy Tibbs
While speakers at this year's VMA Market Outlook Workshop disagreed on exactly when recovery will get here, they all agreed we're on our way. The trip back, however, will take some time and patience.

Graphite Valve Stem Packings Can Reduce Fugitive Emissions
By Jim Drago, P.E.
How can your plant reduce harmful fugitive emissions? By taking a proactive approach to emissions control, including use of graphitic valve stem packings.

When Valves Are Used: Nuclear Power
By Steven Pauly
One of the more promising markets for the valve industry is nuclear power, which has proven to be a safe and reliable industry with a reputation as a sustainable method of providing energy.

State of the U.S. Metalcasting Industry
By Alfred Spada
More than 90% of manufacturing has some type of metalcasting. Because of this, the forecast for this industry includes growth.


Suspicious and Counterfeit Valves: An Avoidable Danger
By Peter Cleaveland
Countering is more prevalent today than ever. We bring readers up to date on the situation and offer tips about what can be done, including starting with quality suppliers.

Increasing Plant Performance Through Instrumentation
By Harry Burns
How do we know when it's best to increase a plants' performance by using the technologies already there and when to find newer technologies? We start by asking what those technologies are currently doing that provide value.

Understanding Plastics
By Patrick Neel
High performance thermoplastics have made inroads into the valve market because of their high strength, light weight and corrosion resistance.

Controlling Cavitation
By Jeff Parish
Cavitation, a common problem in most industrial processes, can be expensive and hazardous. Understanding its causes and what controls are available for what conditions help to eliminate the problems.


Playing The Valve Standards Game
By Greg Johnson
Although efforts have been made to coordinate U.S. standards with those of foreign standard-making bodies, few standards have crossed borders intact.

The Sorry State of the U.S. Water Infrastructure
By Peter Cleaveland
Huge amounts of money will be required to put the U.S. water and wastewater infrastructure into proper condition, and still more is needed to prepare it for the future.

Valves Make The Difference: Delayed Coking
By David Anderson
Coke drum unheading valves are a good example of how innovative design allows valves to be used in processes today where they have never been used before.

Severe Service Control Valves for Offshore Platforms: A Debris-Tolerant Solution
By Stephen James
Consider specifying control valves that will not only address high-pressure liquid or gas letdown, but also alleviate the problem of debris in the pipe.


10 Tips for Tightening Expenses
By Peter Cleaveland
Everyone’s doing it—tightening belts, that is. Here are some suggestions from valve manufacturers on how you can get the most from your valves, actuators and controls.

Back to Basics: The Noble Globe Valve
By Greg Johnson
Whether it’s controlling bath water in a faucet, oil in a refinery or steam in a power plant, globe valves “soldier on” 24 hours a day.

How Do You Answer the Casting Quality Question?
By Les Pelkey
Problems with castings do not always occur because of where the casting is made. The author discusses types of casting defects and explains why problems can occur.

Take it Easy with Steam, The Energy Fluid
By Stephen R. Gow
Steam is one of the most widely used commodities for conveying heat energy and its use is popular throughout industry for a broad range of tasks from mechanical power production to space heating and process applications.

Quantifying Valve Leakage Rates with Ultrasonic Emissions Testing
By Michael Flaherty, Tony Glembocki and Marc Hain
With increasing pressure to drive efficiency improvement, many plants and facilities are taking a closer look at ultrasonic emissions testing.

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