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2006 Articles


LNG: Getting to the Finish Line
Jacob Dweck and David Wochner, Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP
Liquefied natural gas developments in the United States have come a long way, but obstacles remain.

Mark Ward, Sr., freelance writer
Valve Magazine goes on a global quest to find some of the biggest, smallest and most extreme service valves the world has to offer.

BACK TO BASICS: Butterfly Valves
Joanne Lunsford, Tyco Valves & Controls
Over the decades, the butterfly valve has transformed from a lightweight to a highly respected contender.

Why Valve Qualification Programs?
Greg Johnson, United Valve
A changing global economy means users cannot necessarily count on past performance data to confirm current valve quality.

Solenoid Pilot Valves for Valve Actuation
Bill Reeson, Emerson Industrial Automation
Knowing the ins and outs of pilot valves will help users select the correct construction for an application.

OEM Versus Non-OEM Parts… You Make The Call
Ted Grabau, Emerson Process Management
The purchase price of replacement valve parts from a replicator may be less than from an OEM, but the risk to plant performance and safety may be significantly greater.


The Critical Needs of SIP Processes
Dell Grunenberg, Jordan Valve
Sterilization-in-Place processes require the associated valves and steam traps perform with high efficiency—and meet the stringent cleanliness requirements of the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

BACK TO BASICS: The Always Reliable Plug Valve
Jim Barker, DeZURIK Water Controls
For close to 80 years the dependable plug valve has done the job—and done it well—in a wide variety of services and applications.

Perspectives on Distribution
Mark Ward, Sr., freelance writer
A distributor, end user and valve manufacturer give their points of view on today’s evolving distribution industry.

Getting the Most from Intelligent Electric Actuators
Gregg Alvarado, Bernard Controls
These advanced actuators provide engineers and plant personnel with real-time information that can help with both predictive and preventive maintenance.

Fluid Jet Energy Criterion for Control Valves
Herbert Miller, Laurence Stratton and Mark Hollerbach, Consultant, Technical Standards and Automation, Control Components, Inc. (CCI)
Maintaining manageable energy levels in fluid jets eliminates many of the problems that lead to poor process control valve performance.

Coupler Design for Quarter-Turn Valves
Ed Holtgraver, QTRCO
Here’s what you need to know about the many kinds of couplers that connect quarter-turn valves and actuators.


The Benefits of Diagnostic Software
Howard Williams, Rotork Controls
Users are learning they can greatly improve their facilities productivity, efficiency and effectiveness—and prevent problems before they occur—with valve diagnostic software.

Wear- and Corrosion-Resistant Alloys in the Gas and Oil Industry
James B.C. Wu and Matthew X. Yao, Deloro Stellite Group
The authors review alloys designed to stand up to the severe environments in oil and gas drilling and refineries, with an emphasis on cobalt-based alloys and a new nickel-based alloy.

BACK TO BASICS: The Misunderstood Check Valve
Mike Johnson, DFT
The unappreciated check valve is often blamed for failures, but the real culprit may be the application and service ­conditions.

Gasket Selection and Developments in Gasket Technology
John Hoyes, The Flexitallic Group
Don’t select gaskets just for their price—consider the total cost of installation as well as what it would cost in lost production if a failure occurred.

Who Will Run Tomorrow’s Plants?
Patrick Toensmeier, freelance writer
The shortfall of experienced engineers and technicians continue to escalate. How will the industry respond to this growing ­crisis?


2007 Market Outlook: So Far, So Good
Genilee Parente, freelance writer, and Judy Tibbs, Valve Magazine
We gleaned information from a dozen presentations by industry experts at the Valve Manufacturers Association’s Market Outlook Workshop to give you a glimpse into the year ahead.

The Evolving Valve Industry
Patrick Toensmeier, freelance writer
Industry veterans discuss how the valve industry has adapted during the past two decades to a changing world that has seen a huge increase in M & A activity and a turn to offshore sourcing.

Desuperheating for Accurate Steam Temperature Control
Joel Kunkler, Emerson Process Management
The author provides guidelines to help operators better understand how to control the desuperheating process.

BACK TO BASICS: How to Size and Select Relief Valves
Anthony Fabbo, Curtiss-Wright Flow Control
When it comes to choosing the proper relief valve for the application, the wrong selection and size can result in costly, even critical errors.

Castings or Forgings?
Dick Warda, Highland Foundry, and Lisa Kuehl, Steel Industries
The type of material used to create valves and other industrial products varies depending on the application and a variety of other factors. Experts from both the castings and forgings industries discuss the benefits of their respective processes.

Fundamentals of Electric Actuator Control
Richard Oaks, AUMA Actuators
The flexible electric actuator control has become an increasingly popular way to automate all types of valves.
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