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2004 Articles


The Nuclear Power Market: A Whole New World
Steven Pauly, Target Rock Commercial Valve Business, Curtiss-Wright Flow Control
A valve manufacturer provides insight into critical issues affecting today’s nuclear power industry.

Intelligent Maintenance
Robert J. Miller, Flowserve Corporation
Asset management and maintenance outsourcing reduce MRO costs and increase ROA.

Fluoropolymer Selection for Corrosive Applications
Dan Ellis, ITT Industries Engineered Valves Group
The correct decision on what fluoropolymer material to use for corrosive applications begins with understanding all the parameters.

Choosing Valves for Isolation: The Case for Ball Valves
Alexander Lucitti, Spirax Sarco, Inc.
The economical ball valve is an excellent choice for use with a variety of different media and applications.

A Study of Steam Trap Technologies
Joe Carlone, Spence Engineering
Failing steam traps can damage equipment and potentially lead to more serious situations, so it is critical to know their technologies and applications.

The Value of Valve Industry Standards
Jim Barker, SPX Valves and Controls
The effects of globalization and consolidation in the valve marketplace have made industry standards and related issues more important than ever before.


A Clear Choice for Clean Water
Al Libke, DeZURIK/SPX Valves and Controls
Whether buried, submerged or in-plant, the rugged AWWA butterfly valve is hard to beat when it comes to the processing and distribution of fresh water.

Perspectives on Safety
Brooke Stoddard, freelance writer
A look at the varied aspects of safety and security in the many worlds in which valves and actuators find themselves.

Zen and the Art of Valve Maintenance
Kirk Kleinschmidt, freelance writer
To gain insight into an alternative, profit-oriented approach to plant maintenance, we spoke with Steve Holmes of UPM’s Blandin paper mill in Grand Rapids, MN.

The Current State of Valve Testing
Dexter Reed, Calder Testers, Inc.
Regular valve testing is critical in helping plants develop predictive maintenance programs, which lead to reduced mechanical downtime and costs.

PWM Valves for Refrigeration
Charles Bald and Roy Nungesser, Parker Hannifin
Refrigeration applications—from food and beverage processing to laboratory equipment—require precise and reliable metering. Pulse-width modulation valves help achieve these goals.

PRODUCT FEATURE: Spotlight on Suppliers
Mark Francis, VMA staff
An overview of some of the newest products offered by flow-control industry suppliers.


Valve Technologies to Cope with Changing Oil and Gas Markets
Scott Moreland and Jose Del Buey, Velan Valve
While the oil and gas markets revolve around a product that hasn’t changed significantly for more than a hundred years, recent market conditions are challenging this industry—and its suppliers—to develop innovative approaches to technology and commerce.

A Control Valve Primer
Andrew Butcher, Spirax Sarco, Inc.
Some basic guidelines to introduce the industry newcomer to the complex workings and critical role of the control valve.

Quarter-Turn Pneumatic Actuators: Torque 101
Ed Holtgraver, QTRCO, Inc.
Learn why we cannot simply match an actuator’s closing torque to the seating torque of a valve and be confident of satisfactory operation in service.

Valve Repair: Changes, Challenges
Greg Johnson, United Valve
The valve service and repair industry has undergone enormous changes during the last few decades. In this article, we hear from valve repair shop owners, who discuss the latest maintenance philosophies and reveal how they will adapt—and survive—in the years to come.

Selecting and Sizing Severe Service Control Valves
John Wilson, Emerson Process Management-Fisher Division
Methods to select and size control valves in severe service have varied from one manufacturer to the next. The author suggests following manufacturer-specific guidelines when selecting valve and trim.


An Interview with Howard Russell—Power Generation: Slow and Steady
Judy Tibbs, Valve Magazine
Black & Veatch’s Howard Russell talks with Valve Magazine about the challenges and opportunities awaiting the power industry as we move into the second half of the 21st century’s first decade.

2005 Market Outlook—Caution! Slow Recovery Ahead!
Genilee Parente, freelance writer, and Judy Tibbs, Valve Magazine
When VMA brought together industry forecasters to reveal what lies ahead for a number of different industries, some common themes emerged.

Diaphragm Valves and the Bioprocessing Industry
Paul McClure, ITT Industries Pure-Flo Solutions Group
Advances in valve design and manufacturing have played a vital role in helping drug manufacturers produce more for less.

Smart Control Valve Diagnostics: Predictive Maintenance and Beyond
Neil Rinehart and David Ingram, Emerson Process Management-Fisher Division
Microprocessor-based valve instrumentation and sensor technology have changed how diagnostics are performed.

The Actuator Choice: Traditional or High Tech?
Richard Oaks, AUMA Actuators, Inc.
The right actuator system for your application may not necessarily be the most sophisticated one.

PRODUCT FEATURE: Powerful Products
Mark Francis, Valve Magazine
In honor of Power-Gen, we’re featuring an array of valve and actuator products that are used to meet the complex demands of today’s power industry.
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