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2001 Articles

FALL 2001
Advancements in Valve & Actuator Technologies
By Andi Mowrey

ISO Part-Turn Valve and Actuator Standards
By David L. Payne

Existing Process Sampling Methods
By Kevin Cook

The Roll of E-Commerce in the U.S. Valve Manufacturing Industry
By Will Garvin

Valve Repair in the 21st Century
By Greg Johnson

Predict Service Life of Actuator Diaphragms
By Paul Gassman and Ted Grabau

The Challenge of Multi-Channel Distribution
By Dale Stepanek

Breaking the Valve Packing Paradigm
By Meredith Miller, Floyd Jury, & Stan Koloboff

Rapid Prototyping: What the Future Holds for Metal Casters and Casting Buyers
By Ronald Benson

Energy Conservation Through Increased Valve Performance & Efficiencies
By David Stinchcomb

ASTM A990: A New and Better Way to Buy High Nickel Alloy Valve Castings
By James L. Gossett

Plastic Valves Meet Niche Market Needs
By Rick Bolger

Beware of Consultants Selling Cures
By Jim Teegarden

Let's Keep it Simple: Pilot Operated Regulators
By Tom Popeck

An Intro to the 9CR-1 Mo-V Alloys
By Donald R. Bush

How to Comply with OSHA's Ergonomics Program
By Marc Pasternak

Foundry Quality Systems for Pressure Vessels in the 21st Century
By Michael Porfilio

The 'R' Word: The State of the Economy
By David Wyss

Making Traffic Flow II: Implementing the "soft" side of Lean
By Ken Branco

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