Young Valve Professionals: Logan Moore

In 2014, VMA's leadership created the Valve Careers Initiative to inform and educate young people about the valve industry and its lucrative job opportunities. As part of that initiative, we have invited young valve professionals to share some of their experiences in this challenging and rewarding industry. This interview with Logan Moore, Marketing Specialist at Richards Industries, is the second in a series that will be featured on over the coming year.

loganmoore2While earning her Bachelor’s degree in Marketing at the University of Cincinnati, Moore never pictured herself in the valve manufacturing industry—in fact she knew “absolutely nothing” about the industry before she started. As fate would have it, her online search for a co-op internship landed Moore at Richards Industries for a semester during her undergrad studies. Upon interviewing for the co-op, she was offered a job. “It sounded like a great opportunity,” Moore says, “like I would actually be learning and completing tasks related to my field—not just doing busy work.” While the co-op sounded intriguing, Moore admits she was hesitant to accept the offer at first. “If I’m being honest – working in the valve industry sounded a little boring and I knew nothing about it. Little did I know, it would be far from boring.” Later, after earning her Master’s degree at the University of Cincinnati, Moore happily returned to Richards Industries full-time as a Marketing Specialist and has been working there ever since.

Learning Every Day

“Working in the industry has definitely been a wonderful learning experience. I learn something new every day,” says Moore. And when it comes to life at the office, there is never a dull moment.

Given the multiple ongoing projects at Richards Industries, coupled with her ever-changing job duties, Moore’s workdays are busy and often unpredictable—but always enjoyable. “The responsibility and autonomy I am given makes it a challenging and fulfilling job. This allows me to do my job the way I think it should be done and do what's best to help grow the company. I like being able to make a direct impact and the fact that what I do for Richards does not go unnoticed.”

Some of Moore’s many responsibilities include running social media campaigns, organizing digital advertising campaigns, assisting in lead generation and tracking, developing targeted email campaigns, leading video production and photography for product lines, creating product literature and marketing materials, and much more.

A Proud Representative

While Moore was a newbie to valve manufacturing when she started at Richards about three years ago, her involvement in the field has led her to become a true ambassador for the industry. Recommended by her supervisors as an outstanding representative of young talent at Richards, she now proudly serves as a Young Valve Professional (YVP) for the Valve Manufacturers Association, where she has participated in industry events and educational marketing videos, and has been featured in online spotlight profiles, social media and magazine articles.

As a YVP, Moore proudly shares her story with others and encourages young people to explore careers in valve manufacturing. When asked why she would recommend the industry to others, she said: “The valve industry is so dynamic and is constantly innovating. There are so many new and exciting opportunities being made available every day, with something for everyone. There is so much to learn and plenty of room to grow and advance in your career in this industry.”

We’ll Always Need Valves

Moore feels that, because there will always be a need for valves there will also always be a need for skilled employees to make the industry function successfully.

“Valves are used absolutely everywhere,” she said. “If valves did not exist, we would not have running water, plumbing infrastructure, gas operated cars and most forms of transportation, packaged and processed food and beverages, most modern medicine, steam heating systems and many more things we take for granted in our daily routines. Our lives would look very different – and more stressful – if we did not have valves. Valves have changed the way we work, play and function day in and day out.”

Moore dedicates a lot time and effort to her career at Richards, and to the valve manufacturing industry as a YVP. But when she’s not working, Moore is a self-described adrenaline junkie and globe-trotter. “I love to travel and explore new places—I have been to 11 different countries, but have just gotten started! I have every intention of making it to all seven continents in the near future. I enjoy pretty much everything outdoors: hiking, camping, running, boating, hanging out at the lake or beach, etc.” She is also an animal lover who volunteers at her local shelter a few days a week, in addition to serving on the adoption committee.

Big-hearted, intelligent and determined, Logan Moore is a shining example of Young Valve Professionals at work, and what the bright future of valve manufacturing will look like.

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