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Triple Offset Butterfly Valves

From time to time VALVEmagazine.com will open up the archives and re-publish some of our most popular articles from years past. This first appeared on Nov. 21, 2016.

Since their introduction to the market more than 50 years ago, triple offset valves (TOVs), which are also known as triple eccentric valves, have continued to evolve, while uses for this type of valve have expanded across multiple industries. Originally designed for water shut-off applications, design enhancements through the years placed this versatile valve among other industry staples for performance in the harshest conditions of critical process environments. At the same time, these valves have always had certain parameters within which they can operate effectively.

Lean Manufacturing

Most people in industry today recognize that lean manufacturing helps manufacturers and plants improve efficiency by eliminating waste in the production process.

New Valve Modifications

Valve modification can be defined as: adding value to standard or “commodity” valves by installing actuators, special trims, different end-connections, packing and gaskets, and other accessories or upgrades not provided on the original product. These modifications are primarily for gate, globe, check and ball valves.

Why We Have Auxiliary Connections

Valves are a vital part of the piping systems that run like arteries and veins throughout industrial plants. The ports of the valves are the main passageways for fluids; however, situations when additional, smaller supplementary lines attached to the primary valves are needed happen often.

Flashing and Cavitation

From time to time, we re-publish well-received or particularly valuable articles that have previously run on VALVEMagazine.com so that those who might have missed them will be able to catch up on the best of the best. This article, “Flashing and Cavitation” by Bert Evans and Richard L. Ritter III initially ran on August 15, 2015.


15 sum flash introSome of the following questions may seem ­unrelated, but they all involve key concepts that explain the sometimes-misunderstood ­phenomena of flashing and cavitation:

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