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Pinch Valves: An Uncomplicated Valve with an Important Purpose

Pinch valves are a simple valve design that uses an elastomeric tube forced together or pinched to stop the flow of media. This force can be applied in a variety of ways: Compressed air or fluid can be supplied directly into the valve housing to force the elastomeric tubing closed or a clamp mechanism can be used that is forced closed, from a manual handle or an actuator.

Digging into the Whys of Coating Failures

The most common reason coatings don’t do what they are tasked with doing is surface preparation. Studies of coating failures by NACE International have shown that up to 75% of all coating failures are related to this problem. The remaining failures come from improper application, mixing or cure times, or improperly selected coatings, poorly written specifications, or a bad batch of coating.

The Economics of Valve Repair

The old saying in the valve service industry is “price, quality and delivery—you can pick any two.” That saying is still true 175 years after the first steam valves quit working and needed repair. Today, the most important criterion is quality, followed closely by delivery and then trailed by that nagging interloper, price.

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