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Terry Blackard: Valves Need More Respect

Valves in the oil and gas industry have come a long way in the last four decades, both in terms of higher quality in products and opportunities created by those better products, as Terry Blackard can attest. Blackard has been in the refining/chemical industry for 42 years. The first 40 were with ExxonMobil in Baton Rouge where he was the valve specialist for the complex there. He retired in 2017, then went to work for Becht Engineering as a valve consultant, where he added even more valve challenges to his long career. For the last 16 years, Blackard also has served on the API Subcommittee on Piping and Valves (SCOPV).

An End-User’s Perspective on Valve Selection and Risk

From time to time, we are re-posting well-received or particularly valuable articles that have previously run on VALVEMagazine.com so that those who might have missed them will be able to catch up on the best of the best. This article, “An End-User’s Perspective on Valve Selection and Risk” initially ran on April 17, 2016.

I am not a valve expert, although I often play one where I work. What I am is an end user, but I believe that provides me a unique outlook on risk.

The Challenges of Creating Super-Clean

Because biopharmaceuticals are produced using living organisms, and the drugs produced are used in humans and animals, the cost of contamination is very high, and sterilization of the process system is critical.

Tariff Pressure Builds on Valve Industry

In the last year, one word has dominated U.S. trade policy: tariffs. From the Trump Administration’s steel and aluminum tariffs to tariffs on half of the products imported into the U.S. from China to the retaliatory tariffs from a half-dozen governments, few industries have been spared.

Monitoring Pressure Relief Devices

The purpose of a process plant control system is to keep process variables at the desired operating point and within safety limits. However, control systems may not be able to handle all process upsets. Operator intervention, safety instrumented systems and pressure relief devices (PRDs) then become the last lines of defense.

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