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Consider the Long-term to Maximize Valve Investment

Plant engineers are saddled with an important task: outfitting their plants with the most reliable, high quality and cost-effective valves for their applications within their allotted budgets. But choosing the right valve is a complex process that has a major impact on plant operations as well as revenue.

Training Is a Crucial Part of the Picture

A swiftly growing fire erupts from a piece of malfunctioning equipment at a plant that has a reputation for reliable operations and very few workplace accidents. On this day, however, black smoke quickly begins to billow from the plant as employees scatter—some to get fire extinguishers and some to evacuate guests unaware of the danger that is unfolding.

VMA’s Founding Distributors

452975757Since the Valve Manufacturers Association added its newest category of membership—distributors/channel partners—early this year, the association has received an enthusiastic response adding 10 new members in the first half of the year.

Disruptive Forces Changing Distributors’ Roles

14 spr distribHistorically, the distributor was considered an extension of the manufacturer’s organization—certainly, they have always been customer advocates. However, disruptive forces in the marketplace today are making it necessary for distributors to get even closer to their customers. In many instances, this is transforming distribution companies into service businesses that also just happen to provide products.

The Expanding Network of Valves

Ivan-SheldonAs industry itself reaches into more and more areas of the world, getting the equipment needed to run that industry to the locations and projects where it’s needed when it’s needed has taken on increased importance. Valves, actuators and related equipment today are very much dependent on the distribution network.

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