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The Rough-And-Tumble Oil And Gas Industry


Rugged, reliable and safe are essential characteristics to all equipment operating in this industry, and valves are certainly no exception.

Historically, the oil and gas industry has presented equipment suppliers and production personnel with difficult and demanding operating conditions. For valves, that has translated into an ever-increasing need for tougher, longer-lasting, better performing valves.

Food & Beverage Industry

The industry looks bright. But those who deal with it face issues about who regulates what, and they are starting to see competition from overseas.

According to FoodProcessing.com, budgets in 2010 for capital expenditures in the food and beverage processing industry were up more than 19% over what they were in 2009, when actual spending declined by about 8.7%. And research by Industrial Info Resources, released in late November, revealed an even more dramatic improvement when comparing U.S. and Canadian projects tracked in 2010. The number of projects increased 42.5% from 2009 (359 projects) to 2010 (510); investments increased a very healthy 53.8% from 2009 ($3.58 billion) to 2010 ($5.51 billion). The industry is clearly in the throes of recovery and does not appear to have suffered as much as some other manufacturing industries from the economic collapse.

On the Sea and Under the Ground

Today’s ships are much more than floating tanks. They are power generation and wastewater treatment plants, HVAC systems, plumbing and transmission pipelines all in one. Meanwhile, under the ground, the nation’s mines offer up a wealth of solid materials that must be tapped for use in many of this nation’s industrial processes.These two sectors present the valve industry a unique set of challenges.

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