A Reference Manual on Elastomers

The history and general application of elastomers in pipes, valves and fittings is the subject of the Manual of Practice developed by the American Water Works Association (AWWA).
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Gas and Liquid Valves for Medical Devices

Gas and liquid valves are used throughout the medical device industry, in major part due to their automated functions, along with their excellent reliability and long life.


Isolation Valves for High-solids Severe Service

Understanding suspended solids and their effect on equipment is critical in choosing isolation valves for slurry service.
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Ransomware Threatens Industrial Control Systems

Manufacturing, process industries and utilities rely on industrial control systems (ICSs) to function and maintain product quality and safety.


Practical Steps for Transferring Knowledge

Using three fast-learning knowledge transfer techniques will help multiple generations in the workforce learn from each other.


Where Valves Are Used: Everywhere!

Learn about the many industries in which valves play critical roles in this comprehensive article that was first published in 2017.


Nuclear: A Partner in the Quest for Clean and Sustainable Energy

The nation’s nuclear energy industry has deep roots that have always been focused on reliability and safety.


The Strong and Growing Biopharmaceutical Market

By: Susan Keen Flynn

Thousands have been involved in the rapid development of COVID-19 vaccines—among them, valve and control manufacturers.


Standards for Actuator/Gearbox Flanges

“Many variations in valve and actuator dimensions and characteristics have come into play especially now that we have worldwide vendors,” said Paul Souza, training manager at AUMA Actuators in a presentation at the Valve Manufacturers Association Virtual Valve Forum in November 2020.
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Small Business Optimism Declined in December

The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) Small Business Optimism Index declined to 95.9 in December, down 5.5. points from November.