ITT Engineered Valves: Integrated Sensing Platform

Engineered Valves ISP on EnviZion ValveITT Inc.’s Engineered Valves brand is proud to introduce the Integrated Sensing Platform (ISP), a cutting-edge valve sensing platform developed to reliably monitor valve position. With advanced capabilities in calibrating, operating, and communicating with diaphragm valves, the ISP provides customers reduced piping footprint, shortened set up time and simplified operation.

The ISP sensing module is closely integrated with the patent-pending valve actuator to provide a compact assembly, up to 70% shorter than current assemblies on the market. The non-contact sensing technology provides highly accurate and repeatable valve position feedback with no moving parts to wear. Calibration of the device is fast and simple, whether utilizing the external magnetic dongle or with the newly created ISP app.

The ISP app will allow customers to remotely calibrate and operate their valves through a series of steps on an iPhone or iPad. The app offers users the ability to track valve performance over time and to log specific valve information and maintenance history. The information is easily accessed and reviewed via the app.

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