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Cowan Dynamics: SIL 3 Certified Linear Hydraulic & Pneumatic Actuators

Cowan eNews Release image 1.27.16Cowan Dynamics announces the availability of linear hydraulic and pneumatic actuators with up to a SIL 3 safety rating. The SIL 3 capable rating is designed to provide our customers reliable actuation solutions in critical applications without compromising their Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS - compliant with IEC 61511/ISA 84).

The SIL 3 capable rating was achieved by certifying the products to IEC 61508 and was obtained from Exida Certification Services after passing rigorous Failure Mode Effects Diagnostic Analysis (FMEDA).

Cowan Dynamics’ SIL 3 capable products include:

A Series – Double-Acting Pneumatic Valve Actuator

AS Series – Spring-Return Pneumatic Valve Actuator

AT Series – Pneumatic Control Valve Actuator

A2A Series – Pneumatic Pressure Booster

ML Series – Hydraulic Valve Actuator

MS Series – Spring-Return Hydraulic Valve Actuator

Products certified to SIL3 capability are, on request, supplied with copies of the Exida certification, which contains all the information that engineers and designers need to calculate the safety integrity level of their complete system, based on its component parts.

For more information on Cowan’s product lineup visit: www.cowandynamics.com/sil-3

Moog: Actuator for Customized, Critical Service

Spectork Valve Moog smallMoog Inc. has released its Moog Spec-Tork custom pneumatic and hydraulic rotary actuators to meet OEM torque and speed specifications. Spec-Tork actuators satisfy special customer requirements that vary from the capabilities of Moog’s standard actuators. For example, the Spec-Tork can meet applications that might include: rotations of less than 90°; special cushions for high speed requirements, electro-hydraulic actuators and systems, integral valving and special mounting flanges. Moog’s engineers can also customize its Spec-Tork actuators for applications including lift and turn, dampers, and fluid power service.

The Spec-Tork can provide millions of cycles of continuous service and achieve 90-degree rotation in less than five seconds, for catalytic cracking units, pipe line valves, and electric valve actuation and R&P valve actuation in processing plants. For natural gas processing plants, the fireproof-enclosed Spec-Tork can produce 1,440,000 pound-inches of torque and have a hydraulic pressure rating of 3,000 psi. The Spec-Tork’s end-of-stroke design reduces the shock to both the actuator and the valve it controls, which extends service life.  

AUMA: Fail Safe Actuator

pic AUMA FQMFor applications with significant hazard potential in the oil & gas sector and other industrial markets, fail safe actuators are required. These specialist devices automatically open and close valves in the event of emergency, even with disrupted power supply. Meeting these challenging market requirements, a new AUMA FQM fail safe unit offers an innovative mechanical actuator solution.

Incorporating a patent pending constant force spring motor, the new AUMA fail safe unit mechanically provides the required torque in the event of an emergency. While conventional springs lose 80% of their torque across valve travel, the AUMA solution provides virtually constant torque. Additionally, an overriding gear arrangement ensures that the spring does not move during standard operation. Both these factors contribute to enabling selection of significantly smaller actuator solutions. Premature spring fatigue and excessive torques at the valve are also avoided.

Rotork: IQT Electric Valve Actuator

Rotork IQT electric valve actuatorThe introduction of the new Rotork IQT electric valve actuator brings the advanced functionality and asset management capabilities of Rotork’s 3rd generation intelligent technology to the direct-drive operation of part-turn valves.

Proven in the field by thousands of IQ3 multi-turn actuators, new functionality brought to the compact and robust IQT includes an unrivalled range of advanced data logging and communication capabilities that have been increased in response to the end users’ desire to access more data, both in the field and in the control room.

Diagnostic graphics present a window into the process, showing the valve torque, usage profiles and service logs, facilitating real-time analysis directly at the actuator. The information-rich backlit display is the focus of attention for non-intrusive wireless communication and multi-functional indication, including user-friendly multi-lingual menus for configuration and commissioning.

For more information, visit www.rotork.com

Rotork: Skilmatic SI3 Actuators

ROTORK SI-3 PHOTO NR FNLRotork Skilmatic SI3 electro-hydraulic valve actuators deliver all-electric simplicity with precise hydraulic actuation for reliable mechanical failsafe operation. They represent the third generation of Rotork Skilmatic actuators, which are designed to provide safety-related emergency shutdown (ESD) and remotely operated shutoff valve (ROSoV) duties in challenging environments.

Skilmatic SI3 actuators offer a wide choice of operating speeds, additional ESD options with single or dual inputs, and enhancements to partial stroking to meet a wide variety of demanding applications. They incorporate an advanced control and monitoring system based on proven Rotork IQ3 intelligent electric actuator technology and provide advanced communication and data logging capabilities, enabling end-users to easily access important valve-related data in both the field and in the control room.

For more information, visit www.rotork.com

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