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ProMation Engineering: PL Series Electric Linear Actuators

ProMation Engineering PL SeriesProMation Engineering’s PL Series are linear electric actuators that have been designed and engineered for precision operation of linear process control valves. These actuators available for NEMA 4/4X/7/9 applications. The PL series can be used to control of solutes in pharmaceutical processing. They are also ideal for precise control of cooling water flow in globe valves and controlling quenching water in continuous steel production. The PL Series has 3 phase separators in midstream oil and gas installations and large diameter damper systems for scrubber systems. The actuators can achieve up to 5300 lbs. (23.6 kN) of force and 2 inches (50mm) of travel. .

For more information, visit www.promationei.com

Cowan Dynamics: AS Series Spring-Return Pneumatic Valve Actuator

Cowan AS SeriesCowan Dynamics is pleased to announce the release of the next generation AS Series, Spring-Return Pneumatic Valve Actuator. Based on the proven AS Series, the Compact version was designed specifically for applications where space is a premium. The AS Compact provides amazing reductions, up to 57% shorter and 42% lighter canisters compared to the standard model.

The AS Series has a SIL-3 Capable rating, designed to provide reliable actuation in critical applications without compromising the facilities Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS – compliant with IEC 61511/ISA 84).

Cowan Dynamics has developed a standardized, catalogue-based spring-return actuator solution. Customers can now simply refer to a dimension table and order their product according to the required dimensional size and thrust.

The spring is installed within a factory-sealed canister, allowing safe in-field service of piston packing, rod seals and bushings without handling the spring. Welding Certified to CSA 47.1 Division 2.

For more information, visit www.cowandynamics.com

Indelac Controls: Spring Return Electric Actuators

Indelac Controls ASC10Indelac Controls, Inc. has introduced models ASC4, ASC6, ASC10 & ASC12 to its ASC Series of spring return electric actuators. The heavy-duty actuators utilize an electro-mechanical clutch in order to achieve modulating control, as well as DC voltage options for the spring return electric actuators. The new ASC series are 100% made in America.

All Indelac spring return electric actuators are equipped with a hardened steel spur and helical gear drive train to guarantee reliable protection against catastrophic process failure during loss of the electricity to the system. Internal components are permanently lubricated, ensuring high efficiencies between moving parts, minimal routine maintenance, and quiet operation throughout the life of the actuator.

For more information, visit www.indelac.com

Emerson: ASCO Series 158 Gas Valve and Series 159 Motorized Actuator

Emerson ASCO Series 158 Gas Valve and Series 159 Motorized ActuatorEmerson introduces the ASCO Series 158 Gas Valve and Series 159 Motorized Actuator. Designed specifically for burner-boiler applications, the new products give OEMs, distributors, contractors and end-users a new combustion safety shutoff valve option that increases safety and reliability and enhances both flow and control.

The new valve offers a higher close-off pressure of 75 psi (5.2 Bar) ensures a safe shutoff in the event of a fuel train system failure and eliminates the need for additional safety components. The valve offers a flow rate which is twice that of other combustion valves on the market. As a result, it offers the highest BTU rating in the industry as well as the ability to deal with varying gas inlet pressures — without a reduction in burner performance and operation. Installation is also made easier with end connectors that eliminate the need for piping unions and a ventless compatible monoblock design that not only does away with the need for additional vent piping, but also limits greenhouse gas and vent emissions.

For more information, visit www.emerson.com

Curtiss-Wright: Exlar GTX100 Actuator

Curtiss Wright Exlar GTX100Curtiss-Wright’s Industrial Division announced the release of its newest integrated motor / actuator, the Exlar GTX100. The GTX100 is the second frame size in the integrated motor / actuator series. Incorporating Curtiss-Wright’s patented inverted roller screw technology, the GTX100’s high power density and compact form factor make it an ideal replacement for hydraulic cylinders.

The GTX Series actuators offer the power, precision, and programmability of a servo system while minimizing the maintenance difficulties and mess of hydraulics. With continuous force ratings up to 15,392 N (3,460 lbf), speeds up to 953 mm/sec (37.5 in/sec), and standard stroke lengths from 150 mm (5.9 inches) to 300 mm (11.8 inches), the GTX100 can be applied across a wide range of factory automation applications.

For more information visit exlar.com

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