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Victaulic: Style 355 PGS-300 Expansion Joint

Victaulic Style 355 PGS 300 Expansion JointVictaulic’s Style 355 PGS-300 Expansion Joint is the latest addition to the company’s System Solution for CPVC/PVC Pipe, a grooved mechanical pipe joining system designed specifically for use on chlorinated polyvinyl chloride/polyvinyl chloride (CPVC/PVC) pipe. The Style 355 PGS-300 Expansion Joint is a manufactured assembly of Victaulic Style 357 couplings, grooved pipe sections and end adapters, joined in tandem to accommodate system expansion and contraction. Available in 2 – 12 inches/DN50 – DN300 sizes, the coupling provides up to 4.75 inches of axial moment. The coupling incorporates the Victaulic PGS-300 groove profile to optimize product performance on Schedules 40 and 80 CPVC/PVC pipe.

For more information visit www.victaulic.com

Spirax Sarco: SpiraHeat Exchangers

Spirax Sarco SpiraHeatSpirax Sarco USA has expanded its product line to include a compact, steam-to-water heat exchanger designed for installation in plants with limited floor space. The SpiraHeat heat exchanger provides maximum, instantaneous output of hot water at a constant temperature, while its innovative coil design allows the core unit to consume as little as 39 square feet of floor space. The new product, which also helps reduce plant energy costs by improving energy performance, is available through the global network of Spirax Sarco and its distributors.

The SpiraHeat exchanger is ideal for steady, low temperature hot water applications like building heating, wash down and laundry. Packages can be configured to meet heating and process duties ranging from 341,000 BTUs/hour to 3.4 million BTUs/hour. 

For more information, visit spiraxsarco.com

Emerson: Wireless Gas Sensors

Emerson Rosemount wireless gas sensorsEmerson has introduced two new Rosemount 628 Universal Gas Sensors to measure carbon monoxide and oxygen depletion in addition to the existing capability to monitor hydrogen sulfide. These additions to the series provide a broader range of hazardous situations that can be monitored using the Rosemount™ 928 Wireless Gas Monitor platform.

The Rosemount 928 Wireless Gas Monitor is a highly versatile platform for monitoring hazardous conditions in process plants, remote wellheads, pipelines, storage terminals and other process plants and facilities. It can be easily deployed using a WirelessHART® network in areas considered too impractical or expensive for the installation of conventional wired infrastructure. Once monitors are integrated into the wireless network, personnel can simply check the status of the remote monitoring system gas levels.

For more information, visit www.emerson.com

Emerson: TopWorx GO Switch 7LY Proximity Sensor

Emerson topworx 7l.sqEmerson has introduced the TopWorx GO Switch 7LY proximity sensor, the first such device to feature ultra-bright, easy-to-see light-emitting diodes (LEDs) for highly visible position indication in bright sunlight. The new barrel-style sensor makes diagnostics and troubleshooting easier in challenging environments and hazardous locations.

The GO Switch 7LY sensor’s highly visible, dual LEDs provide visual confirmation that the device is getting power and that the switch is accurately sensing. The product’s hazardous area certifications and ability to withstand temporary submersion make it ideal for applications in process industries such as oil and gas, petrochemicals, refineries, mining, water and wastewater.

Emerson’s new GO Switch offering has many advantages over other types of position sensors. It gives process designers the flexibility to use the same sensor in various applications without having to specify different models. The sensor’s polarity insensitivity eliminates the need to specify NPN or PNP products. Its simple contact arrangement makes it easier to install. A stainless-steel sensing face allows for additional robustness and reliability, and its certifications for Class I, Division 2, Groups A-D; Class II, Division 2, Groups E-G; and Class III permit flexibility in selection.  

For more information, visit www.emerson.com

Chesterton: Multi-Purpose, High-Pressure, Burn-Resistant Pump Packing

Chesterton 2212 DualPacChesterton has released its latest pump packing innovation. DualPac 2212 is a new non-staining, high-pressure packing that resists burning, extrusion and requires significantly fewer gland adjustments than conventional packing.

DualPac 2212 is the second product release with DualPac braiding technology. It combines a burn-resistant material (white) on the sealing side, with a highly resilient outer fiber (yellow). The burn-resistant material conforms to the pump shaft delivering a superior sealing performance, while the highly resilient fiber resists extrusion and transfers radial load to the sealing side of the packing. The result is a packing that utilizes the gland load more efficiently and achieves a reliable and quicker break-in period.

DualPac 2212 is designed for demanding abrasive sealing applications in rotating equipment such as agitators, mixers, stock pumps, sludge pumps, slurry pumps, and process pumps.

For more information, visit www.chesterton.com

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