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Conval: Brochure on API-602 Globe Valves

CONVAL PUBLISHES NEW BROCHURE ON API 602 GLOBE VALVESConval recently published a new full-color brochure on in-line renewable Clampseal® API-602 Globe Valves for onshore and offshore drilling and production, refining, heavy oil and sour gas applications. The globe valves are API 624 Certified, assuring low fugitive emission performance. The packing is certified to API 622. Quality certifications include ISO 9001, European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED), Nuclear N stamp, Canadian Registration Number, and many more.

Clampseal API-602 globe valves are available in wye, tee and angle patterns; in ½” through 2-1/2” NPS sizes; for ASME Classes 150 – 1500. End connections include socket weld, butt weld, flanged, hub and threaded.

For details, visit www.conval.com

POWER-GEN International December 4-6, 2018

powergen 30 yearWhere conventional power meets renewables. POWER-GEN International brings together all sectors of energy to network, explore new technology and collaborate on new ways to advance the industry. SPECIAL OFFER: Save an additional $50 off your conference registration! Learn more!

Learn more!

Metso: Updated Expertune PlantTriage

Metso Updated Expertune PlantTriage SoftwareMetso has announced a new version of its Metso Expertune PlantTriage control loop monitoring software. The newest version further improves process plant operational efficiency, reduces cybersecurity risks, and helps to improve profitability.

This version provides a clearer view of PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) tuning benefits via a new Performance Evaluation dashboard and a Performance Summary panel. These features show the effect new tuning parameters will have on valve duty, relative response time, robustness, and performance.

In addition, the PlantTriage Level Wizard is an advanced tool that tunes level controllers for surge tanks. The purpose of surge tanks is to maintain a constant flow to the next stage of the process. Proper tuning guarantees maximum use of surge, while preventing the tank from emptying or overflowing. The Level Wizard helps to get the balance just right.

The latest version also includes advances in cybersecurity. Users may now choose encryption on communications with PlantTriage servers. Other improve­ments make the browser interface more secure, robust, and less vulnerable to attack.

For more information, visit www.metso.com

Victaulic: Grooved Mechanical Piping System for Saturated Steam

Victaulic Grooved Mechanical Piping System for Saturated SteamVictaulic has developed the world’s first grooved piping system for saturated steam. Designed for use on commercial and industrial steam applications, the system features the Style 870 rigid coupling, a full line of fittings, a gate valve and a grooving tool to process the Victaulic proprietary OGS-200 groove profile. The Victaulic grooved steam system eliminates the need to weld steam piping, and can work for applications with pressures up to 1379 kPa and temperatures up to 198°C. Thanks to their innovative grooved system, Victaulic steam couplings and fittings make installation and maintenance easier, shorten construction schedules, reduce downtime and maintain safer, more productive worksites.

Joining steam piping with grooved couplings enables faster, easier installation than welding, threading and flanging. During installation, pipe is simply joined by positioning the coupling seal and housing segments on the pipe ends and tightening the bolts and nuts to the specified torque requirement. Installation is completed up to five times faster than other joining methods.

For more information, visit www.victaulic.com

Conval: Lower-Pressure Clampseal Nuclear Bellows Seal Valves

Conval LP Bellows Seal ValveConval is now offering lower-pressure Clampseal N- and NPT-stamp bellows seal valves for demanding toxic, corrosive, caustic applications and regulations of severe service process control where leakage to the environment is not an option.

The new Clampseal bellows seal valves feature low weight and seismic profile; leak-proof integrity; in-line servicing; high cycle bellows; high flow capacity; and no fugitive emissions. The valves are available in ½” through 4” sizes, for ASME Class 150-900 pressure classes, with socket weld, butt weld, flange and threaded end connections.  

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