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Val-Matic: Articles

ValMatic Release 2020 imageDid you know that Val-Matic has a library of articles on their website? Ranging from case studies and application write-ups to industry publication articles and even some Duke Waters stories for informative entertainment. These articles highlight unique features Val-Matic products have and how they helped solve a wide range of problems. If you are curious as to which Val-Matic product is right for you check out the article library.

For more information, visit www.valmatic.com

ValvTechnologies: VirtualValv Support

ValvTechnologies VirtualValv SupportValvTechnologies introduces VirtualValv Support, an on-demand augmented reality tool to provide remote installation, maintenance support service, anytime, anywhere.

The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have placed significant limitations on in-person interaction. To overcome this, ValvTechnologies has implemented an innovative software tool for live remote service assistance. VirtualValv Support connects a certified ValvTechnologies’ service technician with on-site, field personnel to interact in real-time, communicating using hand gestures and augmented 3D scans.

VirtualValv Support was recently deployed for a planned maintenance outage at a powerplant in Malaysia. The outage was originally scheduled to be conducted by its service team based in Chennai India, however, as air travel had been restricted, ValvTechnologies had to adapt to meet its customer’s needs. As a result, the VirtualValv Support system was sent to Malaysia and programmed with all the necessary procedures for full ERV overhaul and the service team in India oversaw the repairs remotely to ensure the work was done to standards.

For more information, visit www.valv.com

Spirax Sarco: Clean Steam Generator for Healthcare

Spirax Sarco Clean Steam GeneratorSpirax Sarco has expanded its product line to include the new Clean Steam Generator (CSG) for Healthcare. This new product solution is used to produce sterile steam and reduce the risk of wet packs. This exciting new release will help customers resolve a well-known industry problem and provide medical facilities with a packaged solution to help minimize the risks associated with poor sterilization, allowing them to consistently and reliably meet strict steam quality standards.

Spirax Sarco’s unique testing plan ensures that the new design consistently exceeds required standards in steam dryness. This new solution has been rigorously tested to diagnose issues and maintain compliance under operational conditions. As a result, the quality of steam meets all the latest requirements, including a dryness factor higher than AAMI ST79 throughout the entire sterilization cycle.  

For more information, visit www.spiraxsarco.com

Emerson: AVENTICS TM5 TaskMaster Aluminum Cylinder

Emerson Aventics Task Master CylinderMachine builders and their end-user manufacturers can increase machine speeds and reliability with the new AVENTICS TM5 TaskMaster aluminum cylinder from Emerson. The National Fluid Power Association (NFPA)-compatible pneumatic cylinder reduces cost, energy consumption, equipment wear and downtime.

With its rugged aluminum body construction and a steel piston rod, the TM5 TaskMaster features Emerson’s state-of-the-art pneumatic cushioning technology that allows an ideal cushion adjustment to slow down the piston to a stop by the time it reaches the endcap. Ideal cushioning reduces the time it takes the cylinder to complete a stroke, allowing an improvement in efficiency that significantly boosts machine speed and lowers endcap hammer. Ideal cushioning also reduces cycle time and enables the TM5 cylinders to carry higher loads without sacrificing cylinder performance.

The cylinder incurs less stress and there is no end-of-stroke bounce or end-cap slamming, which is a main source of cylinder wear, slowness and noise. Ideal cushioning thus lengthens cylinder operating life and reduces downtime related to cylinder failure. Additionally, it reduces machine noise and vibration while reducing energy consumption. 

For more information, visit www.aventics.com

Emerson: Virtual Valve Repair Service

Emerson Remote AssistanceEmerson announced its new Remote Assistance service capability to help plant operators immediately respond to industrial valve issues by using augmented reality (AR) technology. The AR technology uses a robust, secure channel certified as ISO 27001-compliant. Valve repairs are advised and guided by Emerson experts as part of the company’s expanding Connected Services portfolio in its Plantweb™ digital ecosystem.

Using a mobile device, plant personnel can securely share their field of view through the AR software as Emerson valve experts help troubleshoot and solve valve problems. Step-by-step instructions are overlaid in the field-user’s application to support installation, calibration or repair actions.

Real-time video communication enables users to resolve issues faster and minimize instruction errors that often occur with audio-only support while eliminating travel time and the cost of getting technicians to the work site. In addition, operators can expand their in-house knowledge base and staff skillsets through on-the-job troubleshooting guidance and recommendations to remediate issues, up to and including oversight of the final repair.

For more information, visit www.emerson.com

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