A.W. Chesterton: 1724 Low E Sealing System

Achieving Low E Fugitive Emissions Compliance in Chemical Industry Valve Stem Sealing

AW Chesterton 5300ValveCutaway White PackingA.W. Chesterton Company announces the availability of their 1724 Low E Sealing System to satisfy both block and control valve stem sealing requirements to meet the latest U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) consent decrees for “Low E” valve packings. This now makes available a PTFE valve stem packing for the hydrocarbon and chemical industries that complies with the tightest leakage standard set by the US EPA.

With most manufacturers’ focus on graphitic packings to meet the fugitive emissions limitations of the refining industry, in most chemical plants these graphitic packings are not capable of providing the chemical resistance needed for many valve sealing applications.

Chesterton has done extensive testing and is able to warrant our 1724 Low E Sealing System for Low E technology to 100 ppm for 5 years. Testing for both block and control valves resulted in average leakage rates in the single digit ppms with maximum leakage rates in the low double digits per EPA Method 21, without a retorque.

Chesterton’s 1724 Low E Sealing System has been approved and specified by several major chemical company’s to meet their Low E consent decree requirements for VOC and HAP fugitive emissions.

For test documentation or additional information on Chesterton’s 1724 Low E Sealing System, please contact Walt Moquin, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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