EGC: Certified Low Emissions Valve Technology for LDAR Programs

EGC’s Thermafoil 2236–CLE (Certified Low Emission) is a high-temperature, high-density, die-molded valve stem packing that is ideal for refining, petrochemical and chemical plants. EGC’s Low-E solution is based on our partnering agreement with Teadit and use of their fugitive emissions test approved Style 2236 braided product.

Thermafoil 2236-CLE is self-lubricating, non-hardening and dimensionally stable while, at the same time, is resistant to gasses, fluids, heat, pressure and most chemicals. Its high-temperature flexible graphite and Inconel filament jacket afford mechanical stability while advanced construction provides leakage control and high integrity VOC and VHAP emissions containment.

It is the only API 622 approved packing that doesn’t degrade above 500oF and has been proven to pass fugitive emissions testing at 850oF. Thermafoil 2236-CLE has been approved to meet API 622, ISO 15848 (for both control and on/off valves), TA-LUFT and Chevron Texaco fugitive emissions packing test standards, as well as ANSI/API607 fire test safety standard.