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Conval: New Camseal Ball Valve Video Now Online

Conval eNews image 9.14.16A new video on Camseal top-entry, zero-leakage forged high-performance ball valves is now available for 24/7 viewing at www.Conval.com. The four minute video highlights five significant advantages of specifying Camseal ball valves: unique, patented zero leakage design; top quality manufacturing; long, reliable life cycle; ease of maintenance and repair; and enormous savings in labor, materials and downtime.

Camseal stand-alone and actuated ball valves are ideal for severe service applications. Valves are available in ½” through 4” sizes with top entry, socket weld, buttweld, and flanged ends. Pressure classes range from ASME 900 through 4500. N and NPT stamped valves are available for nuclear applications. All valves are manufactured in the U.S.A. to rigorous global QA qualifications including ASME, ISO 9001, PED, API Q1, and IBR.

For details, please contact Conval, P.O. Box 1049, Somers CT 06071-1049; telephone 860.749.0761, fax 860.763.3557, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or visit www.Conval.com.  

Conval: Fire-Safe Camseal Ball Valves


Camseal zero-leakage forged ball valves manufactured by Conval are now qualified for fire-safe service in ½” through 4” sizes, in both API 607 and 6FA; for all pressure classes 2500 and lower for 607 and 6FA; for low-alloy steel body materials such as A105 and F22, and austenitic body materials such as 316 stainless steel.

The new fire-safe Camseal ball valves are ideal for refining and chemical plants where fire safety is a major concern. The top-entry, cartridge-style ball valves are easy to inspect, maintain and repair. In-line renewability is accomplished within 30-minutes in the event of process application abuse. The cartridge is easily removed for on-site parts replacement, reassembly and reinstallation. No welding is required, which is especially important for valves made of F91 Stainless Steel and specialty metals. F91 is extremely sensitive to hardness and heat, making welding a sensitive operation.

For details, please contact Conval, P.O. Box 1049, Somers CT 06071-1049; telephone 860.749.0761, fax 860.763.3557, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or visit www.Conval.com

ValvTechnologies: NexTech Pulsejet Valve with EcoPack

ValvTechnologies NexTech pulsejet valve with EcoPackValvTechnologies, Inc. introduced a fast-acting, high-cycle NexTech® pulsejet valve with EcoPack™ stem packing solution for the reduction of fugitive emissions.

Pulsejet valves are designed to send a pulse of gas through a pipeline system. A trunnion-mounted ball valve, ValvTechnologies NexTech® pulsejet valve is capable of 90° or 180° rotation in speeds as low as 0.5 seconds or faster: this fast actuation speed is what creates the gas “pulse” through the pipeline system. Pulsejet systems can be used to clean system filters, spray chemicals in an injection type system, or pulse debris/media through a pipeline to prevent clogging.

These systems cycle many thousands of times per day. Conventional packing systems cannot handle the abuse of the fast cycle speed, combined with the high cycle count. ValvTechnologies’ EcoPack™ solution was designed to address and overcome this challenge.

For more information, visit www.valv.com

Pentair: Vanessa Triple Offset Valves Series 30-RS

Pentair Vanessa Series 30 RSPentair Valves & Controls announces the expansion of its Vanessa Triple Offset Valves (TOVs) product line with the launch of the Series 30-RS. The new manual triple offset valve is designed to address the need for zero leakage isolation in non-critical applications in the oil and gas and process industries.

The Vanessa 30-RS is specially designed for applications which require non-critical fluids isolation in lower pressure or temperature. Its safer bolted-on seat allows for true positive isolation when pressure is applied from the shaft side, thus minimizing the risk of dangerous mechanical failure compared to other bolted-seat designs. The Vanessa Series 30-RS handles temperatures up to 350°C and pressures up to ASME class 300, and is available in A216 WCB or A351 CF8M Double Flanged body.

For more information, visit valves.pentair.com

Emerson Process Management: Metal-Seated Ball Valves

Emerson Process Management has introduced the Fisher Z500 line of metal-seated ball valves to its severe service portfolio. Fisher Z500 metal-seated valves are engineered to withstand higher temperatures, pressures, and more erosive conditions than a standard on/off ball valve, providing increased reliability and protection of critical assets in demanding applications. A bi-directional sealing design offers a unique solution to process back pressure and shutoff requirements in both flow directions, safeguarding control valves and other equipment in the line.

For more information, visit www.emersonprocess.com

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