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2011 Articles


Back to Basics: How Do Your Valves Rate?

By Greg Johnson

Valve pressure ratings can be confusing to the untrained eye. Valve Magazine looks at the basics of what a pressure rating means and which organizations created which ratings.

Keeping Track of Valves with RFID

By Peter Cleaveland

RFID technology holds many promises for any industry that needs to keep track of its inventory. But for the valve industry, the technology also may help guard against counterfeiting and offer possibilities for better maintenance and repair processes.

Optimizing Plant Performance Using Predictive Diagnostics

By Riyaz Ali

Advances in intelligent control instrumentation have greatly enhanced the communications between controllers and plant personnel by providing the ability to send data back. As a result, predictive diagnostics can optimize plant performance.

Where Valves are Used: The Food and Beverage Industry

By Peter Cleaveland

During the economic crisis, the food and beverage industry suffered less than some other industries. However, it faces challenges going forward including overseas competition.


Back to Basics: Control Valve Accessories

By John De Veau

While control valves are an essential part of most flow processes today, they cannot accomplish their key tasks without help from the many accessories that aid in smooth operation.

Progress on Improving Our Aging Infrastructure

By Martie Zakas

As headlines across the nation show, the aging water infrastructure continues to rear its ugly head via leaks and breaks. But governments and water officials are looking to new tools to make needed improvements.

Materials Selection for Deepwater Gate Valves

By Manuel Maligas

Because of the challenges faced by valves that served the oil and gas industry from the water depths thousands of feet below the surface, their materials of construction are vital.

Where Valves Are Used: Oil and Gas Industry

By Nicholas Williams

Whether upstream, midstream or downstream, the products used in oil and gas applications face a variety of challenging environments. Here are some of the issues and the types of valves and actuators that answer the industry's call for durability and ruggedness.


Back to Basics: Solenoid Valves

By Bill Reeson

Although some look at solenoid valves as an accessory, in the processes where such valves are used, they are critical. Many issues need to be considered in specifying these crucial valves.

Extreme Valve Testing

By Greg Johnson

As valves face increasingly complex challenges in the field, those responsible for choosing them are asking for better, more thorough testing methods.

Safety Instrumented Levels Made Simple

By Michael A. Mitchell

Much confusion exists about what a Safety Integrity Level is and what it means. But those involved in Safety Instrumented Systems should have a basic understanding of SIL and how it relates to valves and actuators.

Where Valves are Used: Pulp & Paper

By Harlan Dunk

Although the industry has seen some bleak times, paper products have not disappeared, and the industry will be around for many years.


Actuation in Nuclear Power Plants

By Pete Kundin

Actuators and the valves they operate face challenging conditions in service to the nuclear industry. Here's specifics on what is used and where.

Market Outlook 2012: The Winds of Change

By Genilee Parente

Market Outlook speakers addressed both the forces of the previous year, a year full of surprise gusts from unexpected events, and what is to come-a vastly different kind of recovery than what has occurred in previous recessions.

Vibration Analysis Pinpoints Valve Noise Source

By Daniel Eilers

A power plant in California faced public concern about a noise generated by its system. Vibration analysis located the source.

Where Valves Are Used: Pipeline Service

By Greg Johnson

Hundreds of thousands of pipelines help bring oil and natural gas to and from processing facilities. This article describes the various types of valves that control the flow.  

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