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2012 Articles


Back to Basics: Life-Cycle Costing

By Robert Abbott

Life-cycle costing does not have to be so complicated that only analytical specialists understand it. We present a simpler way to account for the true cost of a product.

Ball Valves in Power Plants

By Steve Spilker

Steam-generating power plants produce some challenging conditions for ball valves. But new materials and designs make metal-seated ball valves a good choice in many cases.

The Challenges of Distribution in Today's Valve World

By Genilee Parente

Distribution experts spoke at VMA's annual meeting last fall about what their companies see as the main challenges in getting products to end users today.

Where Valves Are Used: The Biopharm Industry

By Carl Taylor

This segment of the chemical industry is flourishing, fed by an aging population, increased needs from developing worlds and new research. Here's what it means for the valve and actuator industry.


Testing High-Nickel Alloy Casting in Refineries

By James L. Gossett

One-way maintenance personnel can deal with the corrosive feedstocks refineries face is by using different testing methods.

The Quest for Unconventional Gas Sources

By Kate Kunkel

The outlook for new sources of natural gas, such as those being extracted from shale, is bright. But plenty of challenges lie ahead.

The Unique Requirements for Valves in SRO Applications

By Ben Lee

Individuals who deal with valve applications in seawater reverse osmosis (SRO) know that materials selection, equipment configuration and energy efficiency are critical to financial returns on the sizable investment required.

Triple Offset Valves in Upstream Applications

By Pieter Kok

These valves offer benefits in terms of weight, dimensions and performance. But many engineers are not yet familiar with what they can do in onshore and offshore applications.


A Primer on Worm Gear Operators

By Keith Pierrotti

These workhouse mechanisms play a major role in nearly every industry that uses valves. Here are some considerations that still drive their use.

Controlling and Monitoring Fugitive Emissions

By Stephen M. Wing and Bradley K. Smith

Control valves are one of the most challenging areas when it comes to monitoring and minimizing fugitive emissions.

Reaching Around the World

By Kate Kunkel

Valve Magazine spoke with VMA members to find out how they originally got involved in global operations and how their businesses have evolved as a result.

The Product Matrix

Find out who makes what in this handy table with more than 40 product types made by VMA members that manufacture valves, actuators and controls.

Where Valves Are Used: Those Dam Valves

By Greg Johnson

The nation's dams could not operate without thousands of valves that control the flow of water. But the valves used in dams have many other jobs as well.


Sizing Actuators

By Richard D. Oaks

The key to successful sizing or selecting of the right valve actuator for a job is communication.

Improving Process Efficiency with Wireless Valve Automation

By Kurtis Jensen

Plants around the world are replacing clipboard checks with automated inspections and monitoring because of wireless valve automation.

Learning the Context of Local Customs

By Aneta Stephens

By understanding the thinking that underlies accepted norms, a business visitor has a much better chance of successful partnerships with parties from different cultures.

Market Outlook 2013: A New Driver at The Wheel?

By Kate Kunkel

Speakers at this year's workshop were cautiously optimistic about the economy in general pronouncing that the nation is in recovery mode.

Where Valves Are Used: Geothermal Energy

By Kate Kunkel

As the nation seeks ways to decrease reliance on foreign oil, it looks to sources such as geothermal energy. Here's an update on the industry.  

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