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2013 Articles


Back to Basics: Steam Traps

By Terry Acers

Steam is a critical part of energy generation as well as industrial processes. Controlling that steam is the task of the mighty steam trap.

Challenges and New Solutions in Dry Chlorine

By Bery Elfers

Applications where dry chlorine plays a role have problems with crystal-like dentrites but new valves have been developed that can handle the operating conditions.

Reshoring Movement Builds Momentum

By Harry Moser and Millar Kelley

By using figures that show costs over time for outsourcing, companies can get a more accurate view as to whether reshoring might be the better solution.

Where Valves Are Used: Valves in Building Systems

By Greg Johnson

From fire protection to air conditioning to piping that brings fresh water in and wastewater out, commercial buildings contain thousands of places where valves and actuators help control critical flow.


Back to Basics: Plastic Valves

By Tim Moran

Although plastic valves used to be a specific field, new materials and new ways of using those materials have broadened the field immensely.

Finding the Source of All That Noise

By Steven Hocurscak and Kyle Rayhill

Noise is more than a nuisance-it can be an indication of a problem, and it can threaten health and safety. New ways of predicting aerodynamic noise can lessen the potential for harm.

The Tie Between Fugitive Emissions and Market Dynamics

By Scott Boyson

Those companies than can find a way to show how control of fugitive emissions provides definitive value have a better chance of success.

Where Valves Are Used: Clean Water

By Greg Johnson

The nation depends on hundreds of kinds of valves to get water from its sources to treatment and out to our faucets. With the current needs of this and other nations, that means a wealth of valve and actuator to come.


Advance Sealing Technologies for Preventing Fugitive Emissions

By Joseph DuFresne and Calvin Gillis

Consent decrees and new regulations means industries are seeking better ways to prevent emissions. Using advanced technologies such as metal bellows can be cost-justified as a best solution.

Opportunities and Challenges in the LNG Process

By Mark Tilley, Frederic Blanquet, Wayne D'Angelo and Maggie Clarke

Now the world's top producer of natural gas, the U.S. is looking to sell that gas to other places. Many of the valves for the process are cryogenic. We also cover the debate that rages about exporting LNG.

Solution for Emergency Shutdown in Shale Applications

By Tom Jeansonne

The potential for environmental impacts and the need for safety have put increased emphasis on finding ways to shut down equipment, including valves, when a sudden need arises.

Where Valves Are Used: Hydrogen Service

By Greg Johnson

The valves used for this highly explosive application in a rapidly growing industry have to be built of top quality materials that can perform under challenging temperatures and pressures.


Actuator Commissioning Made Simpler

By David Montgomery

Although commissioning sometimes seems like a complicated process, new tools from manufacturers have eased the process.

An Association is Born

By Greg Johnson

75 years ago, a group of valve professionals formed an association whose sole focus was furthering the valve industry.

Market Outlook 2014: Get Ready for Good Times Ahead

By Kate Kunkel

A few bumps remain in the road to economic recovery, but with energy self-sufficiency on the horizon, consumer and business attitudes improving and other positive signs, the nation is on it's way.

Milestones in Valve History

VALVE Magazine's special section begins with a historical timeline of the valve industry and major events that shaped our world.

Relief System Management Helps Companies Achieve PSM Compliance

By Sean Croxford and Stephen D. Saunders

Pressure relief is a vital part of the process industry, and it needs to be an essential ingredient in process safety management. New tools can help.

Where Will We Be in Another 25?

By Kate Kunkel

VMA members, end users and consultants talk about how far the valve industry has come and where it's headed.  

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