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2015 Articles


Focus on the Offshore Market

By John Nicholas

We asked John Nicholas, vice president of valves for distributor Edgen Murray, about the offshore sector, including the effect of the oil price slump.

Hacking: Control Systems are Not Immune

By Chris Shipp and Jonathan Pollet

Even many people involved in cyber security today do not understand how hacking works and when their systems may be vulnerable. We look at how it's done in the flow control world and how it can be prevented.

Regulators Versus Control Valves: The Best Fit

By Keith Erskine and Vince Mezzano

There are applications where both regulators and control valves can be cost effective and others where the right choice is critical. To make the best selection requires knowing the differences and what each can do.

Understanding Generational Differences

By Genilee Parente

To help companies with the constant search for skilled labor, we spoke with expert Marilyn Moats Kennedy. She has studied and frequently discusses today's generations of workers, the differences in their values and work ethics, how to appeal to the different groups and how to ensure they interact for maximum productivity.


Additive Manufacturing May Change the Game

By Arie Bregman and Kate Kunkel

The manufacturing world is closely watching the rapidly developing world of 3D printing, which offers new possibilities for making industrial products.

Back to Basics: Mechanical and Compression Packings

By Rodney Ruth

While packing may seem like a simple product, the truth is: much goes into what materials are used, how it’s put together and how it’s put into place and maintained. Yet with fugitive emissions on everyone's minds, the proper use of packings is more important than ever.

Turning Back a Super Storm

By Paul Bogdan

A cogeneration plant in Brooklyn was one of the hardest hit power plants after Sandy hit New York and surrounding areas in 2012. Getting the facility back up to speed was crucial to the millions of people that depended on its energy output.

Where Valves Are Used: Heavy Oil

By Kate Kunkel

Heavy oil extraction and production presents a world of challenges to valves—but it also provides opportunity.


Back to Basics: Flashing and Cavitation

By Bert Evans and Richard L. Ritter III

Both these events can cause significant damage to valves and related equipment. By understanding how each works, strategies for decreasing their impact can be put into place.

Coatings Can Make a Difference in Wastewater

By John Ballun

A study of the internal parts of air valves showed that some coatings are more effective than others in guarding against the harsh conditions of wastewater service.

The Current State of R&D

By Kate Kunkel

VALVE Magazine talks to some of the industry’s research experts to get an update on where today’s R&D dollars are going and why.

Where Valves Are Used: Critical Service Valves and Applications

By Greg Johnson

Determining what constitutes true “critical service” is a complex task. However, definitions exist both from those who make the valves and those who regulate the industry.


2016 Market Forecast: Dodging Market Strikes

By Kate Kunkel

Remarks from speakers at VMA ’s Market Outlook Workshop indicated that falling oil prices, uncertainty in China, the high U.S. dollar and other developments this year have contributed to an economic forecast for next year that is hard to pinpoint.

Hazards in Chlorine Piping

By Mark Fucich

Moving chlorine around to the many places it’s used carries a high level of risk because of the reaction it has to its environment and other chemicals. The birth of the bellows seal metal-seated globe valve helped to mitigate some of the hazards.

Where Valves Are Used: Power Plant Isolation Valves

By Greg Johnson

The supercritical and ultra supercritical power plants now found around the world have presented new challenges to the design of isolation valves.  

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