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2017 Articles


Industry's Role in Climate Change

By John Ballun

Greenhouse gases and the effect they have on climate change can be mitigated through technological advancements and better ways to manage plants.

Back to Basics: Primer on Fugitive Emissions

By Greg Johnson

To get a good feel about why everyone is talking about fugitive emissions requires looking at how the issues first came about, what’s involved when it comes to valves and where industry is headed.

FEL: The Preferred Phase for Technical Definitions

By Rocky Goh

The earlier valve requirements are spelled out in the process of a project, the better the chances that change won’t be expensive and that design will be on target. Front End Loading is a good place to start.

Where Valves Are Used: Valve Selection in Pulp & Paper Operations

By Todd Greer

Although the industry has experienced major upheaval, new types of paper products and new ways to use pulp mean selecting the right valve is as critical as ever.


Back to Basics: Water Hammer

By Arie Bregman

A loud banging noise can indicate extensive troubles in a piping system. What causes water hammer and how can it be alleviated?

Where Valves Are Used: Supercritical Power Plants

By Kate Kunkel

The new requirements for higher temperatures and pressures brings new challenges for equipment. What that means for valves depends on where and how they are used in these plants.

Studying What Went Wrong

By Kate Kunkel

When valves fail, the results range from catastrophe to costly headache. Looking at what happened can teach valuable lessons and guard against future negative incidents.

Safety Instrumented System Proof Tests

By Loren Stewart

Many of the safety calculations we rely upon for testing our products depend on how proof tests affect the numbers. There are ways to measure the effectiveness of those tests.


The Road to Valve Knowledge

By Greg Johnson

Valve professionals have a wealth of tools available to establish themselves as experts in the valve field.

Where Valves Are Used: Water Harvesting Systems

By Stuart Bailin

The building industry is finding more and more ways to reuse water from rooftops, lavatories and building system operations. Valves are a major player in keeping these systems flowing.

Monitoring Valve Health Via the Interent

By Jonas Berge

The day has come when many plants are looking at a centralized system for keeping track of valves using the Industrial Internet of Things.

An Update on U.S. Valve-Related Standards

By Carlos Davila

Keeping up with the various standards that affect the valve industry is a constant process, but one that’s critical for all companies.


A Sunnier Mood

By Kate Kunkel

VMA’s Market Outlook speakers had mostly positive things to say about what’s happening within valve end-user industries going into 2018. However, there also were several notes of caution.

Where Valves are Used: Everywhere!

By Greg Johnson

From our homes to plants to energy production facilities, valves truly drive the world’s flow industry. Here’s a wrap up of some of the vital end-user industries that depend on them.

Dynamics of Trunnion-Mounted Ball Valves

By Ron Manson

Study tests and computational analyses reveal that these valves can’t always be operated at full differential pressure.

Check Valves in LNG Cryogenic Service

By Carlos Davilos

The ability to stop reverse flow gives check valves a unique advantage in services that involve really cold temperatures.  

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