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2018 Articles


Back to Basics: Valves with all the Trimmings

By Greg Johnson

Choosing the right trim is vital to ensuring a valve and its parts operate correctly and efficiently.

Are Valves from Low-Cost Countries Getting Better?

By Kate Kunkel

Have valves that are partly or wholly made in low-cost areas of the world improved in the last quarter-century? VALVE Magazine asked valve experts their opinions.

Achieving Predictable Valve Performance for Safety Apps

By Chris O'Brien & Loren Stewart

Valve users are collecting more data than ever through testing methods. Root cause analysis of that data can show possible failure for final element assemblies in safety devices.

Intelligent Servicing of Valves During Shutdowns

By Jodi Johnson & Nave Orgada

Aging plants can last a very long time when smart planning goes into shutdowns, turnarounds and outages.


Back to Basics: Air Valves in Piping Systems

By John Ballun

Liquid piping systems depend on several types of air valves for efficiency and prevention of surges and corrosion.

The Past, Present and Future of Fire Testing

By Matt Wasielewski

Valves, actuators and controls are used in many applications where the risk of explosion is high of the challenges of high temperatures are present. Fire tests help those who must meet different industry standards.

Fracturing Technology in The New Age

By Kate Kunkel

Fracking faces environmental push-back, standards changes, and oil and gas discovery challenges, not to mention pressures from the market. New technology and new litigation have resulted from these developments.

Using Data to Run Our Plants

By Bill Pollock

Adaptive analytics and the Industrial Internet of Things are in use today throughout facilities. That means Industry 4.0 is now in effect.


Back to Basics: Heat Treatment

By Greg Johnson

One of the reasons today's metal is so improved over earlier times is because of the various heat treatments it receives.

Where Valves Are Used: The Challenges of Chlor-Alkali

By Philip Schultz

The valves that serve chlor-alkali plants must be made of specialized materials that stand up to tough chemincal conditions and designs that enable them to control emissions.

LACSD: An Interview With Those Who Keep the District Running

By Kate Kunkel

One of the nation's largest water districts faces the same issues as much of the nation's water systems: infrastructure aging, lost technical skills among workers and finding new ways to make water systems cost effective. The district's engineers explain the innovations it uses.

Manufacturing 21st Century Style

By Mohamed Abuali, John Tuohy & Stephen Anderson

Three of the advancements that keep modern factories efficient are robotics, additive manufacturing and the ability to use data smartly.


Back to Basics: Auxilary Connections

By Greg Johnson

Auxiliary lines and equipment help the main valves in pipelines accomplish control of the flow.

Cautious Optimism

By Kate Kunkel

The forecasts from this year's VMA Market Outlook presenters were mostly favorable with some caution caused by new and old pressures.

Monitoring Pressure Relief Devices

By Marcio Donnangelo

The performance of pressure relief valves, pressure safety devices and rupture discs/pins can be tracked to ensure optimal performance and safety.  

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