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2019 Articles


Back to Basics: Valve Modifications

By Greg Johnson

Changing a valve to make it better or to customize it is now a commonly accepted practice partly because standards have helped ensure quality work.

Tariff Pressure Building on Valve Industry

By Eric McClafferty & Maggie Crossway

The battles created by the current trade wars threaten the valve industry in new ways.

Terry Blackard: Valves Need More Respect

By Kate Kunkel

A long-time valve specialist gives his perspective on how valves have evolved in the oil and gas industry and why the field offers opportunities.

The Challenges of Super-Clean

By Karl J. Lutkewitte

Steam-in-place sterilization requires special processes and materials to create the cleanliness required in certain industries.


Where Valves are Used: Tank Farms and Liquid Terminals

By Greg Johnson

Although the valves used to store petroleum don't face harsh conditions, the many types used to play a key role in getting fuel in and out of facilities safely and efficiently.

Pressure Rating Standards for Flanged Valves

By Tim Fallon

Understanding the standards that go into flanged valves used in waterworks applications is complicated by the many variables involved and the different bodies that regulate the industry.

The Case for RFID in Process Plants

By Shannon Jelken

Radio-frequency identification devices promise better tracking of equipment for both asset management and maintenance repair.

Electric Actuators in the Oil and Gas Industry

By Guenter Huber

Electric actuators not only provide the accuracy and precision needed for oil and gas operations, they also will be part of the data revolution to come.


Economics of Valve Repair

By Greg Johnson

Whether to fix a broken or worn valve or replace it with a new one depends on the costs involved, which are balanced against user needs.

The Whys of Coating Failures

By Neil Pittman

When investigating why a coating does not do what it's supposed to do, a layered approach can be used.

Back to Basics: Lean Manufacturing

By Jeff Cook

The practices now deemed lean began many years ago and have resulted in a number of tools today that companies can gear to their individual needs and situations.

Ten Years and Counting: Valve Basics

By Kate Kunkel and Judy Tibbs

The founders and early planners for the popular VMA Valve Basics Seminar sing the praises of this decade-old program.


Annual Meeting Celebrates Sandler and Others

By VMA staff

VMA's annual meeting was a celebration of longevity and new possibilites. Bill Sandler, VMA's current president, was honored for more than 40 years of service to the industry. The new president Heather Rhoderick was announced at the meeting.

2020 Outlook: Doing Business in an Unpredictable World

By Kate Kunkel and Barbara Donohue

Economists and industry experts had a difficult time at this year's VMA Market Outlook forecasting what's to come back because of new pressures, the ups and downs of the market and much uncertainty.

Managing Valves in EPCM Projects

By Karan Sotoodeh

Because engineering, procurement, construction and management projects must balance cost, quality and time, they carry a specific set of challenges.

Cycle Isolation Monitoring

By Greg C. Adler

Leakage causes loss of energy and efficiency, which means monitoring methods are critical.  

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