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Technology the Key to Profitability in the Oil Sands

covershotThe Valve Manufacturers Association held its annual Technical Seminar & Exhibits at the Hilton NASA Clear Lake in Houston, March 8-9. More than a dozen speakers presented on a variety of topics that centered on “Prevailing Challenges and Solutions for the Oil & Gas/Petrochemical Industries.”

Gobind Khiani, AIMs specialist (valves), Cenovus Energy, was among the presenters at the VMA Technical Seminar, and he spoke about oil processing and production valve requirements for steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) in the Alberta oil sands.

Multi-Stage Flash for Water that’s Fresh

msfplantWhile fresh drinking water is becoming scarce, the need for desalination is growing. With it comes challenges for valve manufacturers, so, coming up in the Spring edition of Valve Magazine is a comprehensive article covering the consideration of valves in the seawater reverse osmosis process. Here in this Web Feature, is an appetizer covering the Multi-Stage flash process.

Of the major desalination processes available, Multi-Stage Flash (MSF) is the most widely used, producing about 60% of the world’s desalinated water.

Geothermal: A Bottomless Pit of Power?

geothermalplantpipescroppedAs economic, environmental and geopolitical conditions have become increasingly volatile, sustainable and dependable sources of electricity have taken on new importance. Wind and solar are often cited as alternatives, but geothermal, which is one of the cleanest sources of energy, is not mentioned quite as often even though as a generating source it has been around since 1904 when Prince Piero Ginori Conti successfully lit four bulbs in Italy.

Concentrated Solar Power Generation

solartroughsAs Germany shuts out nuclear, Japan deals with the backlash over Fukushima and North American governments institute environmental regulations that make coal-fired power generation more expensive, the appeal of exploiting natural alternative energy sources becomes even greater.

What’s in a Word? The Fracas Over Fracking

haynesville aerialWith the continuing growth in unconventional gas exploration and production comes oftimes unwarranted attacks on the industry’s environmental record and business practices.

Since there are more than 200 valves at each well site, the importance of insuring that accurate information about this segment of the industry cannot be overstated.

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